Monday, May 16, 2011

Back to Mozambique!

In just less than 3 weeks time, I will be heading back to Mozambique! This time will not be as a student at the mission school, although the next school will be in session. This time I have the privilege of helping out the children's centre director with setting up a new database, to store all of the children's records. There are at least 170 children currently living on the base. They are all either full orphans (both parents gone) or half orphans, or it is just not feasible that they live at home.

Last year during my time at the Iris Harvest Missions School each dorm had the opportunity to really get to know a specific dorm of children, and my house was paired with a dorm of 8-11 year old boys. There were 10 precious boys in the dorm, all with their individual, precious personalities! About 3 weeks before the end of school we invited the boys over for a movie night (or rather one of the more outgoing boys begged to be invited). As they all trooped into the house we noticed a new boy who hadn't been there before. We questioned the boys and they insisted he was new, he had just arrived the day before. So we had them all in, put on A Muppet Christmas Carol (one of the few movies we were able to scrounge from what was available!) and most of them promptly fell asleep within 1/2 hour! (we were happy about that later because a scary part came in the movie). We ended up carrying some of the boys back to bed... a very precious Mozambique memory! We found out later that the guards had found this new boy sleeping in the latrines, so Iris investigated his background and took him in.

I am so excited to have the privilege of going back to Mozambique, to serve there for a few weeks, possibly go on outreach to the bush bush and to love on the boys again! I am going in faith expecting the Lord to provide, expecting to see miracles as He loves on the least of these in the dirt, pouring out the best He has for the forgotten of the world. He is a good Daddy :)

Kids in church on a Sunday


Beautiful village children

Some of "our" boys

Family, in Jesus!

Please pray for more of Jesus - like seriously crazy Holy Spirit filled precious times with Jesus!
That I would walk in the presence of Jesus all day long (and sleep in his presence all night long, visitations!)
Provision - that the Lord would stir the hearts of those who are to partner with what he is doing,and just crazy testimonies of provision!
That I would not hold back from loving people fully - especially as I know that I am always to leave people soon after meeting them. I do not want this to stop me from loving and giving of myself fully!
That he would move in the hearts and lives of my family here in Malaysia - I have 3 weeks left
Connections with the right people and divine appointments!
Restful sleep!! No interruptions unless it is the Lord!
Jesus' words
Jesus' HEART
Jesus' thoughts
Hunger always for more! 

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Latin America - September 2011!
Things are also gearing up for Latin America! We as an Iris Ministries Missions Team (Rolland and Heidi Baker) to the Latin Americas will be leaving in September from California, bringing revival fire to the nations of Mexico, Central America, South America and the Carribean! This is a trip expected to take around a year but may change depending on the Holy Spirit! We are focussing on the unreached people groups and will go wherever He sends us, however He sends us, no matter how hard to get to or how trecherous the way. The initial costs are to buy motorhomes and RVs, as we will be 4WDing it through the nations! The main costs throughout the trip will be just gas/fuel. We are excited as we were originally given the vision for this during the last missions school in Mozambique (Oct 2010) and we have been preparing since then. Learning Spanish, researching the people and the lands we are going to, praying and meeting together, speaking words over the trip as the Lord has been guiding us. The team is coming together from all over the world, from The United States, the Americas, Australia, Africa and others! Lord use us to bring revival fire to the Nations!! We are laying down everything and giving up everything that the world would know His LOVE!

Always remember that we are all each one of us missionaries in our own sphere of life. Wherever you are, whatever you do. Stop for the One. Go lower still. Let Him Love on you! Love on the one... and... Love LOOKS like something. What does it look like for the ones He has laid on YOUR heart? It looks like smiling at that stranger, it looks like wiping away tears. It looks like praying for the sick. It looks like sitting in the dirt or on the sidewalk with the one. Having them over for dinner. Visiting them in their houses or front yards. What does Love look like? Lets be Jesus' hands and feet in the nations! Lets be Jesus' hands and feet in our own backyard! The harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few - so pray that the Lord would send Labourers! Who will go? Will you?

Love, blessings, Joy, and MORE of Him!! I pray Papa's love over you!

Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.Therefore GO and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:18-20

As you GO, proclaim this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven has come near.’ Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give. Matthew 10:7-8

Iris Latin America weblog now up!

Preparations are now well under way for our Iris Latin America Revival Tour!
You can check out our new weblog at:

It will be updated regularly at each stage of the journey! Partner with us in spreading the revival fire of Jesus in Mexico, Central, South America and the Carribean!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Loving the nomads

We got to go on a road trip which meant we got to visit some beautiful nomads! We were invited into their tents out of the freezing cold air, and got to love on them and share what we have freely received. These people travel their whole lives, moving from one bit of land to another in some of the harshest conditions.

The Scarf
In the country before Nepal, while in our apartment there I felt to give my purple pashmina scarf to the girl who we were staying with. I kind of wondered if I was just in one of my over-giving moods and thought about whether it was the Lord or not. I felt to give it again and so told her I wanted her to have my scarf. However she wouldn't take it unless she was allowed to give me one back, as I'd "need it in Nepal!" She came back out of her room with this gorgeous, soft, warm, beautifully coloured scarf which was far far nicer than mine! I immediately felt overwhelmed with how God just wanted to lavish his love on me! I felt like the scarf I gave away was so plain compared to this one, yet felt it was so right too! So I packed it away and used it all throughout trek in Nepal.

Fast forward a month or so and I'm in the middle of nowhere (literally one of our 4wding tyres completely collapsed and we had already used up the spare, had to borrow the spare off our other friend's 4wd!), in a tent asking for Father's presence to come on this lady and her family. As we were loving on her, you could see tears appearing on her cheeks and our interpreter told us she could feel his presence (oh his presence and love was so thick!). She was in her seventies and had lived long enough to know what was real and what was not, what worked and what didn't. She could feel his love and wanted more.

As we sat there in the tent, talking and just being with this amazing family, I suddenly felt it again. "Give her the scarf." My first reaction this time was that I couldn't. I had only just started to notice a big improvement the cough which I had had ever since leaving for Thailand, and I knew that the scarf made a big difference as to whether I continued healthy or not. But I felt Father's love all over me again, almost weighing me to the ground and I felt, "Give her the scarf". I fingered the soft material, then made the decision and took it off, spreading it out so all the colours were visible and then folding it up to be able to give it to her easier. I offered to her by holding it out, smiling and gesturing. She said in her language that no, she didn't need it and I did. Immediately I felt I had an out and almost decided to keep it after all. But again, felt the "Give it to her". Our interpreter said that if I really wanted to give it to her I could drape it around her shoulders. I decided to give it to her on our way out, and as I sat there holding it on my lap, tears started to fall. I was horrified at myself. How could this scarf have meant so much to me? I hadn't had such a hard time letting go of a material object before. My face was wet with tears and I tried to hide them and wipe them away so she wouldn't see how much I didn't really want to give it. One of the team brought out the guitar and started to play worship songs in the tent. As I sat there trying not to cry, I prayed that the scarf would remind her of our visit, every time she saw it. I prayed that it would bring the presence of Father everywhere that it went and that it would release the kingdom of heaven everywhere that it went. I prayed it would be anointed for healing.

We stood up to leave and as we passed out the doorway, I held it in both hands, presented it to her again and draped it gently around her aging shoulders. Although only in her seventies, her weathered face showed the passing of the years, the endurance of the nomadic lifestyle and the things she had seen throughout her long life. She would have lived through many history making events, and later I found out that she would probably not have ever been to a big city before, and not had the chance to own or maybe even see something like that scarf ever. We went to sit in the cars and I could see her, still sitting on her stool at the entrance with her daughter beside her and her granddaughter in front of her. She picked up the scarf and started to finger it, looking at it properly for the first time...

The scarf was given to me in love, and to me for some reason represented love itself. I felt like I was giving away my friend from back in the other country, rather than just some piece of material used to keep me warm. Yet as I gave it away I feel like I learnt so much and received so much from the experience. When it is God who leads me to do something like that, he can look after the consequences (possibly getting sick again for another 2 months WHICH is not happening by the way). He gave his only Son away, anointing him to represent the Father, anointing him to release Heaven wherever he went. Anointing him to heal the sick...

I hope you get something out of this. It's not about how I gave something away. It's more about how God gave me, how he gave you the most important thing in existence to him... and all so that he could have us back. So that he could hold us in his arms again and love us and be loved by us... It's all about Him.

Sunrise on the road

Mother and daughter

Grandma with her scarf :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Nepal - from christian workers kids, to street kids, to adopted kids (by our Father)... kids in the base of the Himalayas, 11,000 feet above sea level!

My time in Nepal was so incredibly amazing... we were hosted by the Iris family there who already have four kids of their own, yet they took in all of us as well... Jesse, Tanya and Zoe got the spare room, Lonnie slept almost on the roof and us girls slept in the lounge, picking up our stuff during the day.

Arriving from the airport, no one was home so we climbed the fence!
  While in Thailand, the big earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. All of our team there started seriously thinking about how we could possibly go to Japan and help out with the crisis. Yonnie, our Thailand team leader also heads up Iris Disaster Relief and as such she knew straight away that she would be back and forth from Japan to Taiwan (her home) in at least the 6 months to come. I prayed that if I was to go, that the Lord would provide and make it clear. I ended up not going, but Jesse did go for 10 days during our stay in Nepal. The Japan team in that first response mainly ministered in Sendai, Japan and saw God's love poured out in awesome ways! Many people were weeping as God's love touched them and they recieved Jesus gladly. A lot had never before heard of Jesus. One Japanese pastors foot grew out to match the other :) Jesse was there in Japan when the second 7.something earthquake hit. It was funny because we were in Nepal watching "Furious Love" with the YWAM team and at the same time the Japan team were watching "Furious Love" over there, and while they were watching it the earthquake hit.

Love and affirmation of God poured out on the MKs
We arrived in Kathamandu on a Thursday and went straight that night to the children's home where they housed 9 full orphans. In Nepal they aren't allowed to have kids in the home unless they are full orphans (both parents not living).

The kids LOVED Zoe

Can I just say Nepal is one of THE most gorgeous places in the World...
 We then went to Nepali church on Saturday (that is their sabbath) where the pastor got the rest of the team to introduce themselves but skipped over me - apparantly I look Nepali! I LOVED the worship here, it was just a capella worship and no harmonies likes Africa, but the presence of God was so sweet and beautiful! The next day we had the privilege of going to the youth group which is run by the family we were staying with. This youth group is not of any one church but is rather a combined churches youth group and is mainly christian workers kids. An average of 20-30 kids come each Sunday after lunch, mainly to this one family's house that has a big yard. Also once a month on Fridays they invade the house of our friends, where the Mum normally cooks up huuuuge amounts of Spag Bol (Spaghetti and meat sauce) and garlic bread! She's amazing! So that Sunday we were given the responsibility of sharing a message and also organising games.... At first we had all these other random games organised, but then we had the genius idea of teaching them the game that overtook our school in Mozambique..... NINJA!

They kept playing even after everything was finished... this game is a virus
After Ninja, Jesse and Tanya shared their testimonies and spoke to the kids about how they are not just kids of their parents who come over to do amazing things for God, but how THEY also are anointed, called and equipped by God to change their world around them. We had a fire tunnel and prayed over them, speaking into their lives and sharing words the Lord would give us. We also had them become the fire tunnel and they got to pray over eachother and practise hearing from God themselves. They are such an amazing group of young people and part of my heart is still there in Kathamandu with those kids! We heard that a couple weeks later, one of the boys who couldn't even walk with his friends to the restaurant after church because of asthma, got prayed for at this youth group. He felt his whole chest heat up and felt like a hand reached into there and gave him a new lung. A couple days later he ran 2km without any problems! How GOOD is God!! He so loves his kids!
Fire Tunnel

My first mani and pedi!
We got to go visit a friend in Nepal (who does awesome haircuts, she cut mine) who trains up women who have been rescued out of dance bars and trafficking situations. We ministered to them first joining in their worship in the morning, then sharing with them, and then they got to practise all their mani/pedi skills on us... I find it so funny that something I have just not made the time to do before or really had the money to do before, just gets given to me :)  After I have sold and given away all my stuff except a few boxes, and am living by faith depending on what is given to me. It is sometimes hard feeling like I'm not independent and not earning my own wage, but I am in the best place and that is in the arms of my Jesus. My sails are up and he is free to blow me whichever way he wants! Pray for my stubborness to not get in the way! (as it still tries to sometimes).

We also had a great time ministering to some street kids. We got to connect with a team from Hawaii who are in Nepal for 3 months. They are full of joy and the holy spirit and we were so thankful to be around such refreshing people.

Releasing the kingdom in the temples and high places
During our time there we visited some of the temples just to walk around and release the presence of Jesus in those places. I was originally planning to go with the Hawaii team to a couple of high places to pray and worship over the city, but God put the girls from the family on my heart instead so we went to watch them dance (flash mob - probably on youtube by now... ) "Love the one in front of you" :)

Reports from the team that did go were incredible, there was one local person who really did not want them there worshipping, he was trying to take the guitar off the worship leader but then other local people of the temple beliefs were holding him back and saying "we want them here! We like what they are doing." It is so good to hear that even the locals loved it. The guy then picked up a stick and was trying to hit them with it, so the team decided to put the guitar away and then pray for people instead. Gods love ws poured out and people came into more of a revelation of who Jesus really is.

Iris picnic on the mountain!
Two days before the trek, we took a van and a 4wd (with no working 4wd) up this hill to 7,000 feet, as a celebration for the iris childrens home kids finishing the school term and getting their exam results back. All of
them are full orphans (as the government will not allow others in the home) and there is one girl who is 9years old and is in 1st grade, she came number 1 in her class and the school is letting her skip to grade
3 next as she is doing so well :) one of the other girls also got number one in her class, and all of the kids passed :) so they were all very happy. We packed 8 people and 2 kids in our 4wd plus a guitar and a suitcase full of food on the roof, and the rest fit in the van. At least 27 people and kids were packed in there! Kids squished onto adults laps. We had to borrow the van from one of the schools as the iris van broke down the other day... The 4wd broke down the week before. Both are really old but it is hard to get newer or better cars here as anything like that is taxed 100% coming into the country, meaning you have to pay the full value again. The 4wd they use there you could get in its condition for around $500 in the states but to buy
it in Nepal it is worth $12,000. So that gives you an idea!

A few days before the picnic, the iris kids home grew from 9 to 11 kids as they just took in two brothers. They are so small and so cute and in the space of a few days, it was already so noticeable the difference in their faces and behavior as they started to realise they are safe and have a home where they are loved and valued. They had such fun on the picnic playing with the YWAM team guys! (guys who are reading this- we need you on the mission field! We need fathers and big brothers and just guys in general!)

It was fun in nepal - even though we were staying in a nice looking place the power still goes off and the water runs out. We have to time our showers and laundry carefully! The power is scheduled to be on in different suburbs at different times and every so often everyone is given a new schedule. Sometimes it is on from 4am to 9am, then 2pm-7pm. Sometimes it is off all day until 8pm and then stays on all night until 8am.

We prayer walked the city, actually prayer drove around the main road. Prayed over the main human trafficking areas and brought His light into the darkness! This is one of the big touristy temples (see the golden statues in the back)

Street kids getting free dinner