Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Are You Satisfied?

Last night I was trying to sleep in the Malaysian time zone, after having only just adjusted to the European time zone after Central America!

I kept waking up for no reason (which made sense, after all it wasn't time for bed yet in Paris!). At one point I woke up and God spoke one word to me: "INTIMACY"...

He burned me with His presence, and all throughout the night that word kept burning in my heart, as well as a stirred up hunger for more...

I remember last year when I would have the choice to attend between one to three services at church - on the occasional Sunday when I wasn't rostered on anything. I would go to one service, and if at the end of it I felt happy and satisfied I would take that as a hint that I shouldn't go home yet - I needed more! If I am satisfied with how much of God I have, I take that as a warning that something may be wrong. It's different to feeling satisfied with what I'm doing in life - if I'm truly living God's will for my life then I should have the ability to feel satisfied with that - meaning joyful, challenged and expectant for more! However if I feel satisfied with the level of the presence of God that I have, the encounters that I have with Him, how much time I get to spend with Him... then something in me may be dying... There is a saying that if you aren't going forward, if you aren't growing then you're actually dying...

God, I'm HUNGRY. I've tasted and I want MORE! This is what keeps me going! This is what keeps me in Love! Your presence, Your faithfulness... Your beauty, Your LOVE...

How could I forget that this is a romance? I actually know that it's a romance, but somehow, even knowing it, I've forgotten... God, stir up the hunger in me for more of You... I MUST have more of You!!! For You are the only one that satisfies....

Somehow in my life I live forgetting over and over again that it's all about Him. It ends up becoming about working for Him and doing what He wants, instead of loving Him and being in Love, and just wanting more...

This life is a delight! HE is my delight! My delight is in HIM, my maker, my JOY, my reward... My everything... Oh Jesus how we need more! We are hungry for MORE!

By the way - John 15. I can't get away from it!! ALL of it! the whole thing! and on to John 16! Have a look - its SO GOOD!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2011 wrap-up, and what's next!

2011 – stepping out in FAITH

Currently I am mid-air on a plane from Paris to Kuala Lumpur, where I will be visiting friends and relatives, as well as sharing at a church there. I didn’t realise it at the time, but myself and a friend spent our 1 year anniversary of graduation from Mozambique releasing the Love and purposes of Jesus over the city from the Eiffel Tower! What an awesome, God-organised place to be to remember such a significant event in our lives!

It is now just over a year since graduation from the Iris Harvest School of Missions, and just over nine months since leaving Australia in March 2011.

In that time, the Lord has led me to:
- 5 Continents: Australia, Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Europe
- 18 Countries
- I have slept in 48 different beds, not counting planes, trains, buses and cars… These were of various levels of comfort, from a hard wooden bench covered with a blanket in the Buddhist prayer room of refugees in the Himalayas, to sleeping on the roof of an RV and waking with dew all around me, to sleeping in a comfortable big bed with a hot water bottle in England with the room all to myself!! (I realised that that was just the third night in 9 months where I was in a room all to myself… thank you Jesus!).

Border crossing Craziness

Zoe knows how to spend border crossing time...

Cross-roads in Honduras

Jesus is so good and I have had the privilege of serving with the most amazing people: In Asia with many men and women of God, some of whom have left absolutely everything behind to start new works in different countries; In Africa at the Pemba base of Iris Ministries, where again there are numerous men and woman who are living laid down lives!; North America was a time of consecration on the Night Watch at the International House of Prayer – 6 hours a night in the prayer room, some of the people who were over me there have lived 8 years serving and interceding in the Night; Central America – with the most amazing, adventurous, giving, beautiful team of Iris revivalists who I am proud to call family; and in Great Britain and Europe, seeing fellow Harvest School graduates living out a life of LOVE in a western context, however Jesus leads them…

I have had the honour of witnessing the power of the gospel in action: healed hearts, ears opened, eyes seeing, and many encountering their Saviour and the ultimate pursuer of their hearts, Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for all of your prayers, emails of encouragement, and financial support. YOU are just as much a part of this harvest as I am!

Fire Tunnel!!! Hearts healed, JOY poured out!

Beautiful Guatemalan family who encountered the love of Jesus

The Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these...

Worship in an El Salvador church

4 hours after the beginning of the service..!

2012 – Jumping off the cliff AGAIN…

Earlier this year in Maputo, Mozambique I had to attend an interview with the US embassy to get a student visa for the United States. The form which the school had given them stated that I needed 6 months to complete my studies there (2 x three month internships, of which I completed the first one). However miraculously they gave me a 5 year visa for the States, which later made sense as soon after arriving in Kansas City, the Lord spoke the words “North America” to me and set my heart on fire for this particular country… the first “Western” country apart from Australia which He has spoken to me significantly! He also mentioned that Kansas City was to be my base to go out from for the next period of time.

I decided that I would spend the next year partly in Latin America with the Iris team, and partly in Europe and Australia depending on the Lord’s leading. I would aim to get back to Kansas City by September 2012 for track 2 of the internship.

I had a job interview (for 3 months minimum, perfect!) all lined up for Melbourne when I was planning to return late this month. I have to admit I was looking forward to living a “normal” life again, spending a few months working hard and saving up, and being completely involved in my local church again. However God had other plans…

A few weeks ago I found out that if I don’t return to study in the States within 5 months of leaving, I will lose my student visa. This means that I have to return for the January intake of school. I prayed about it and felt the Lord’s confirmation in my heart to return early. I actually felt His presence stronger than I had felt it for months, impressing on me to return to Kansas City sooner rather than later.

Not going back to Australia to work and having to jump into this next season with no income, completely by faith that the Lord will provide feels SO scary, like jumping off a cliff!! However He reminded me that this is what I’ve been doing anyway for the past nine months! I am trusting Him completely to provide, and believing for friends and partners to stand with me in fulfilling His purposes through my life.

What 2012 will look like:

Internship starts on the 5th January, where I will plunge back into the Night Schedule. This means waking up at 11pm, going into the prayer room from 12am and then being in classes before midday. My bedtime will be 3pm each day. I will be in passionate pursuit of learning more and more of this Man called Jesus, who is also God! I will also again be a part of a company of people who have chosen to stand watch during the hours of the night, interceding for the church, the lost, the government, the Nations, the ending of Human Trafficking and anything else the Holy Spirit leads us to pray for. Check out and for more information! You can also watch live streaming and archived prayer room sets from here.

Sunrise outside the Prayer Room after the Night Watch
Internship finishes on March 30th, and then it's whatever Jesus leads me to next! It could be rejoining the Iris team in South America, or working for a period of time, or returning to the 3rd world in other ways. I say returning to the 3rd world, as my time in the United States is also just as much the mission field! All of the over 1000 staff at IHOP are considered “intercessory missionaries”. They are part of outreach and justice works 25 hours a week, and are in the prayer room another 25 hours a week. We all depend on support from the body of Christ, although some find part time work where they can. I am not allowed to work for income in the United States on my student visa. I want to do ONLY what my Lord JESUS wants me to do, and nothing else… Even as I type this I am feeling a bit out of depth in moving back to Kansas City, as the way I’ve been living life is not stable in any sense of the word according to the way the world thinks! Yet I KNOW that the Lord leads me rightly. My life feels so rocky and confusing sometimes, yet JESUS is the rock of ages and I stand firmly on Him and His WORD! ALL the promises of God are YES and AMEN! I am looking forward with joy to this next season and rejoining my Kansas City Family J

Please email me if you feel to be involved in this journey in any way! Or if you want to be added to my email list! Or if you have any prayer requests! I would love to pray for you!

Love and More of Jesus!


New Album from the NightWatch at Kansas City

Monday, December 12, 2011

Back in the West: England and Paris!

Hey Everybody!

It's almost Christmas! I realised that a bit more when arriving into Juan Santamaria International Airport (Costa Rica), laying out my sleeping bag behind an ATM and being woken up in the middle of the night by an airport worker a few metres away putting decorations on a tree...It was 2am! Since then I have observed the beginnings of Christmas in London, Nottingham, Plymouth and Paris. London does it most tastefully, or if I can use the word deliciously :) From what I've seen there isn't much excess (tacky plastic decorations), there are mostly REAL trees and pretty lights. Add to that plenty of autumn leaves to trudge through, weather that encourages snuggling (the clothes kind as well as the people kind), good friends to chat with and plenty of cups of tea and I have to say I do love the Christmas season in Winter!

Our airport sleep over...

Miriam, my "heart sister" in Plymouth who also was my house mate with her husband during Mozambique

Tea, anyone?

It's a REAL Christmas tree!

I was able to catch up with relatives I hadn't seen in years (think asian guy with posh London accent, showing me around Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square) which was great fun. Also got to be with friends who I had last seen almost exactly one year ago, in Mozambique! I think it was a total God set-up that He made this happen... He knows our frame, our Daddy God knows exactly what we need and I was so blessed by my time with Iris family... In Plymouth one of my favourite experiences was visiting the recovery group for people recovering from addictions. This was part of a friend's church and we got to worship a bit with them, before watching the BBC Nativity movie. It was so special just seeing the love that this family of people have for eachother... They may come from all different backgrounds and experiences, but they genuinely care about each other and there is hope for each and every one's complete restoration: JESUS being the hope, as Jesus' LOVE is the key to breakthrough in any persons life... we will be known by the love we have for each other!

It's Captain Jack Sparrow!

Entrance to the road to Buckingham Palace

My cousin Benjamin - great tour guide :)

The Queen was not in...


Where the Mayflower sailed from

The Spanish invaded from the sea here

Burnt out church from bombings in the war

Trafalgar Square... ROAR!!!

Saul of Tarsus' conversion

My gorgeous friend Beth, another Iris Missions school graduate - she is living a revivalist lifestyle in the London suburbs!

I have been here just over 2 days and already am seeing so much. Through the past 2 years the Lord has been highlighting this country to me and having me intercede for it. I feel like it is very important to what goes on spiritually in the rest of Western Europe. I had actually never had the desire to come here. Eastern Europe was more in my heart having been to Ukraine in 2008 with my church and feeling the hunger in the people there. However now God has lit a fire in my heart for Western Europe as well, mainly to intercede for the land and people here, usually at times when I'm not even thinking about it.

So far I have been able to go to two well-known cathedrals: Sacre Cour and Notre Dame. While there I felt to pray the fire of God and an invasion of Heaven into those places and through them. Many people tread the stones of those buildings every day, either for tourism or to attend mass. I could feel the presence of Jesus however there is also much going on that distracts from Him. Lord we release the glory of Jesus and true revelation of Him in those places!

Lucile - a woman of God in Paris who LOVES wholeheartedly!

Sacre Coure

Paris by night...

Notre Dame

We don't need to go through a priest, we have Jesus Christ himself!

Today, Sunday, included French speaking church for a Christmas Lunch, and a visit to the Musée d'art et d'histoire du Judaisme. It was really interesting learning about all the history and persecution of God's chosen people in Europe and North Africa... I feel like there is a connection between what has happened here in the past and His future plans for this nation.

I was feeling so tired from walking around everywhere and really wanted to go home to sleep, however every time I asked God about it He kept pressing on me the need to climb the Eiffel Tower. This was one of the main reasons I had felt to come to Paris yet I was so tired I almost didn't! However Jesus persuaded us, and the closer we got the more excited we felt. Myself and Lucile (French Iris Harvest School friend) went all the way to the top in the rain, and prayed and released God's plans and purposes over Paris... My friend has such a heart to see all of Paris in love with JESUS, the lover of their souls. So many people come to Paris as it is the place to be in love. A lot of the time when I go to new places I like to feel with my spirit what kind of atmophere or strongholds are over it, and I could feel it here in Paris too. The enemy has perverted God's original purpose for Paris where people come here to fall in love, yet so many end up selling out to the world's understanding of love. We want Paris to be known as the place where people come to experience the manifest LOVE of JESUS just because they have heard of how much He is moving here. France is meant to be a deep watering hole for the surrounding regions and nations to come to, to drink deep of His love and His refreshing water of life. In JESUS' Name we release that over this city and say yes, Paris will be a place of pure adoration of the King and intimacy with the One who delights in and romances us best! While we were up in the highest part of the tower that you can go, it was raining and clouds were constantly swirling around us. We took that as a prophetic sign of the clouds of glory and love that the Lord intends to be over and filling France. Just while this was happening, a young man behind me said, "Yes! She said yes!" Others around him began to congratulate him, and immediately I was reminded of the marriage supper of the lamb... We speak out in faith that yes, she will say yes! The people of Paris will say YES to her bridegroom King Jesus and she will be found at the marriage feast when He comes soon!

Blessings and more intimacy for you today... I pray for a fresh revelation of Jesus Christ as your Bridegroom King! He alone is the One to be adored and He is fully and totally worthy! Please pray for the Jews of France and Europe to come into revelation of Yeshua as Messiah: for His heart yearns for His Jewish bride!

Love, Serena

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Locked in Maximum Security

A group from our team had already visited this prison in Honduras earlier this week. They went to a church service in the low security area, which has about 500 inhabitants and it is self governed. There are no cells and there is a 70 member church made up of inmates.

Today we had the chance to go back, so 8 of us went - 3 to another church service in the low security area and then Jesse, Taylor, Katherine, Elizabeth and myself went into Maximum security!

We were expecting to see criminals in individual jail cells - or at least cells, and that if they came out they would come out cuffed... But as we were led around a corner to the entrance for max security, I saw a door with a peek hole in it, and a face was at the door... just these eyes peering out. Something in me began to think that maybe they weren't in cells after all!

We were let in the door where immediately about 3 or 4 inmates with tattoos all over surrounded us and started conversation. The door shut behind us, no guards came in, we were on our own with Jesus! There were no cells - there were 25 male inmates, all heavily tattooed, members of a well-known gang in both Central America and the United States. In El Salvador we had been told that even if we wore a piece of clothing with this gang's number on it, we could be gunned down in the streets.

We kept talking to these guys in a main area for at least 20 -30 minutes. One of the guys had been in 5 years and had 7 years to go. Jesse shared a bit of his testimony (drugs, alcohol, overdosing, visiting hell itself and being giving another chance to live by Jesus Christ). All the guys were interested and we could see the hunger in their eyes. The Lord gave us prophetic words for them. One I could clearly see was a leader. God made him to be a big brother to many. A guy who anyone could go to and feel safe in his presence. This was a gift for him from God. He looked impacted by this but did not say anything. They were all hungry for Jesus and seemed like they wanted a relationship with Him, but as the other gang members were there it may have been dangerous for them to do it. These guys would know all about giving up their lives to someone or a cause. So you know that if they did say yes, they would say yes and mean it. For life.

After talking and praying with them for a while, we asked if we could walk around and see the rest of the area. They said it wasn't safe, but then took us with them to show us around. We visited one room right at the end of the walkway which was dark and smelt like toilets. In it was some bunks with no mattresses, and a hammock with one guy in it, and others standing around. On the walls were demonic drawings and even a drawing of Jesus with a crown of thorns. We chatted briefly but could definitely feel some vibes going on there. On the way out we had to wait 10 minutes for the guards to come let us out! The inmates all stared at us while we were waiting... 

Overall I loved being in there. When I was asking God if He wanted me to go to low or high security, He asked me where He's called me. The darkest places. Yes Lord! It felt at home being with these guys, and I just wanted to run at them and hug them... especially one of the younger guys who I really felt Jesus wanted him to have a revelation of Daddy God's love for him. I felt like squeezing him and messing his hair up! However that could be totally taken the wrong way and you would definitely need to know it was a Holy Spirit thing to actually do it!

We left them with a bunch of spanish new testaments. They started reading them while we were there. They know that they can start a relationship with Jesus whether we're there or not. So, Holy Spirit, come. Reveal Jesus to them. Pour out the Father's love! JESUS WILL have the VICTORY in these men's hearts!

Driving home, we were overtaken by a police truck (ute). On the back of it were standing two policemen with big guns, aimed at a group of 4 or 5 teenage boys at their feet. In El Salvador, we were on the way to church and passed a hold up on the side of the road (in surburbia, among houses). Also in El Salvador, some of the guys were held up in traffic at a roundabout because there was a dead body dumped on it.

Holy Spirit, send your FIRE and a true revelation of JESUS to the people of Central America! There is a greater cause to live for, a greater cause to die for. JESUS came to save us from our sins and bring us back to the TRUE purpose of life - relationship with HIM! JESUS and JESUS ALONE is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE... the ONLY ONE who can give LIFE ABUNDANTLY! 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

One Thing I Desire... the REAL Jesus...

I want to really encourage anyone who can, to get to the One Thing Conference in Kansas City this year. Registration is FREE and I am really stirred up in my spirit for this - what they are talking about is so my heart for right now!!!   December 28th-31st 2011

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Songs that Draw me Deeper and Higher

"Pour My Love On You" - Misty Edwards (IHOP) (I think originally Phillips, Craig & Dean)

I don't know how to say exactly how I feel
And I can't begin to tell You what Your love has meant
I'm lost for words
Is there a way to show the passion in my heart
Can I express how truly great I think You are
My dearest friend
Lord, this is my desire
To pour my love on You
Like oil upon Your feet
Like wine for You to drink
Like water from my heart
I pour my love on You
If praise is like perfume
I'll lavish mine on You
Til every drop is gone
I'll pour my love on You

"Wounded One" - Davy Flowers (IHOP NightWatch Staff)

Worthy is the lamb who was slain
Who broke down the great wall of enmity and gave me His Name
How gracious is my Redeemer
King Jesus, Son of the Highest
What could I possibly give to You but the fragrance of my


Holy is the man of sorrows
Destroying the works of the evil one all with Your own blood
And mercies before and behind You
Such beauty all around You
How could I ever repay You but with the fragrance of my


Praise be to the Wounded One!
Glory and honour to the Son
We ascribe worth, and give love to You Lord
Let the fragrance of our love go forth!

We pour our love on You in the middle of the Night
We pour our love on You in the middle of the Night

We lift our gaze
You are higher!

(this one is coming out by the New Year on the new Night Watch album! Watch for it on iTunes!)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

El Salvador

I have been having a great time here in El Salvador, staying with the team at a YWAM base in San Salvador. This city is very modern yet the amount of barbed wire, locks, and violence here is interesting to say the least! Many cars have signs on them with "Do Not Murder - Exodus 20" written on them. The country is highly evangelised, yet not many have close intimate relationship with Jesus.

Ministering in local Churches

On Sunday our team ministered at 4 churches. I had the privilege of helping to lead the morning church into an atmosphere of worship, as they had a keyboard and not only that but a pedal as well! We also went out to the skate park to play with the kids - about 10 of them and most of them have parents in jail. In their neighbourhood alone there has been 8 gang shootings in the past week.

Sunday night the Lord gave me a word to share with the congregation there. Breck, one of the guys on the team shared just before me and we neither of us knew what the other was sharing, but Breck spoke out most of what was on my heart! God is so good in how he confirms that we are hearing Him rightly! This church was the most like my home church (Planetshakers) out of any so far this trip. A few things I noticed - they had a spirit of honour. Honoring us as well as God. They agreed vocally with whatever the pastor was saying and also with us. They also were hungry and passionate in their pursuit of Him through worship and praise. They went crazy dancing even before the word was preached! So these are a few things I feel were key in their ability to receive all God had for them! We prayed for the sick at the end, and opened up the altar for anyone who felt dry or just hungered for more of God. I had shared on the night season - this being the night until Jesus comes back - that is when the day breaks. Psalm 91 says that those who DWELL in the shelter/secret place of the Most High will rest/abide in the shadow of the Almighty. 

Dwell - one of the origins of the word (english) means to be distracted. Tarry.
Abide - means to stay overnight. 

The key to lasting the night season until Jesus comes back, the key to LOVE and loving the one in front of you (us disciples will be known by our love) is to live distracted by Jesus. You are constantly thinking about Him and distracted from what you're supposed to be doing. He gets in the way of "ordinary" life sometimes but thats how we need to live! To stop for HIM before stopping for the one. To live constantly distracted by Jesus and in love with Him and knowing that He loves me. In my own strength I cannot love the person who may annoy me or the person who hates me. When I am crazy in love with Jesus, I can. Because it is HIS love that I have. Supernatural love :)

Many people came forward and were touched powerfully by the Holy Spirit. We also had a fire tunnel that the whole church went through (the children went through at least 5 times!). By the end there were bodies all over the floor and we had to keep moving the fire tunnel...!

How Jesus LOVES to pour out his LOVE on His people! He is the business of Healing, Filling, Refreshing, Mending broken hearts, and OVERFLOWING us with JOY! Our team had a dance party all the way home in the car (yes... it is possible. somehow!)

Visiting the Least of These

In the last couple of days I have also had the privilege of visiting an all boys home (10-17years old) - some have parents in jail, some are unwanted, some are true orphans. Most of them are in this particular centre because they made trouble and were kicked out of other centres. They have no transition in place for when they turn 18. On one side of the centre is a women's prison. On the other is a teenage girls prison. Please pray for the children of El Salvador!

We have also ministered to men in a drug rehabilitation centre, and the rest of the team visited a village affected by recent mudslides and ministered to the homeless. God is LOVE and no-one is unloveable to Him! He can break through to the most hurt, abused or hardest heart!


I will be back in Australia from 23rd December until at least the end of January. This will be an awesome time for me to catch up with Family, with Friends, with all of you!! I will be making myself available to share stories/news of what has been happening in the nations - South-East Asia, Mozambique, North and Central America. So please let me know if you would like to have me share in a group situation.

Many, many hugs and blessings!!!

I pray MORE for you!!! Of everything that He has! and that this month and a bit leading up to Christmas would be a time of deep GROWTH and INTIMACY with the Lord!

lots of love


Sunday, November 13, 2011

San Salvador

- This place makes my spirit come alive!
- There are 23 volcanoes in El Salvador
- We can see some from San Salvador, where we are
- There were 8 gang shootings in the past week, just in the neighbourhood where we ministered this morning
- Lots of the kids we were with today have parents in jail
- Wendy's in San Salvador is way more than just ice cream! (Australia) It's burgers and salads and more too!
- We must have passed at least 5 burger kings, KFCs, Chilis, Maccas (McDonalds for you Americans), we even saw a Starbucks sign!
- This feels most like the west out of anywhere else we've been, apart from the barbed wire mounted on top of every fence, the double locked doors and the insistence on having the outer door closed AND padlocked at all times. 
- We can tell it's almost Christmas here, from the christmas trees, and the nativity scene on the roundabout
- Border crossing was safe, but one of our team members got taken away by a government officer!
- We got hot showers last night! and each person got a bed to themselves! and there are sheets!! (as opposed to sleeping in my sleeping bag every night whether hot or cold)
- No mosquitoes here thank you Jesus!
- They use US currency
- You can get a 500ml coke for 60c!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Adventures in the Night, and salvations on the side of the road...

The Itza People

We visited the Itza people last Thursday 3rd November. Jesse and Christian had already gone to scout out the village earlier. They asked to speak to someone who still spoke Itza and were introduced to one of the last men who spoke the language. He is now the person in charge of a group trying to bring back more of the culture and language to the younger generation. He had a table set up in his house with bowls in it and when they asked what it was, he said it was sacrifices to the same winged god that they sacrificed to in ancient times. However obviously they weren’t human sacrifices anymore..!

Jesse and Christian were able to share the whole gospel with this man, who softened toward them as he realised they weren’t there to push anything on to him, just to share what we believe and to love on the people.

When we went back as a group later, we visited this man first, all 21 of us (a couple of us didn’t go house to house) squeezed into his living room. As we visited it started to pour rain so loud that we could hardly hear each other speak! The people there mostly have corrugated iron roofs so it made everything louder. When it lessened from a downpour to more of a steady medium rain, we got up and split into groups to go door to door.

My group visited a couple of elderly ladies in a house not too far from the first one. They both were healed (they warmed up to us more after they realised they were healed!), and one of them then asked us to come with her to see her daughter’s family, as her daughter needed prayer. So we walked up the hill around the corner to another house. One daughter had been in pain since having her most recent child. Her head was in pain and part of her back. We all felt a sudden increase of faith as we laid hands on her, and when talking about it later discovered we all felt a strong sense of burning fire on our hands. As we prayed we literally felt the Lord working as the pain left her head, left her back and she also told us that her chest had been in pain too and that it too was pain free! She was evidently happy about this and then asked us to pray for her son, who was very destructive and would constantly grab things and break them (he actually was in the process of breaking something as we came in the door). They then grabbed another daughter (of the elder woman) who had been bleeding non stop for 20 days. We prayed for her and loved on her, and shared the story of the woman with the issue of blood. She became very joyful as we prayed and we laughed together as God’s presence came. We are believing for total healing.

Yes, they are pigs. And a chicken.

The Itza leader's back porch. Corrugated Iron is the norm for roofs.

Steep road down to the lake! We are camped on the other side. About 1/2 hour away.

Halfway Across Guatemala in 1st Gear!
Earlier on as we were travelling into Guatemala, the transmission on Shekinah, one of our 4WDs completely failed. We hitched the camper to the small RV and then towed Shekinah behind Open Heaven (the big RV) to a mechanic, the only transmission specialist in the area. We were told that he didn’t have any parts in Guatemala and we should go look back in Belize. So Jesse and Christian got a lift back to the border (1/2 hour away) and checked in every mechanic in Belize, but to no avail. We figured we would have to buy new parts from the US and get them shipped to us, a cost of at least $1800. However the mechanic then said that he found some 2nd hand parts in Guatemala City and was able to fix Shekinah for us for $600. We were so overjoyed and happy at this news!

So on Friday we received Shekinah back and on Saturday, started to head closer to the border. However about one hour into the journey, Shekinah again lost all her gears except for first. We called the mechanic who refused to come help us. So we kept driving, praying all the way and camped the night at another lakeside. We decided to sleep overnight asking the Lord to speak to us what to do and in the morning as we worshipped, a few people got the words to “Go slow”, to keep on going with the original plan for driving and that God wanted to amaze us. So we headed off again at 10am, going 30 miles an hour (about 50km) as our highest speed. We drove trying not to stop too much as we had heard it was dangerous to be on the road in this country after dark.

Where we stayed overnight
The family owners of the park
Zoe showing off her shell :)
Sunset on the lake         

Following the GPS’s instructions as well as a road map we had bought at the border, we found ourselves suddenly on a dirt road in a town where the road became just too narrow for our vehicles to even pass! Backing up 2 RVs, 2 4WDs pulling campers and a station wagon is no easy feat but we managed it, and were directed by several locals to turn down another dirt road where they said the next town “El Cho” was straight through only an hour away and from there an easy drive to where we wanted to go. It was just starting to get dark so we figured we would go down that road, and either stay in El Cho or continue on.

On the Road again - poverty is normal here

Dirt road village... just before our "1 hour" drive!

Yes! Straight through! El Cho! Only an hour!

The dirt road soon turned into steep 4WD trails on the edge of cliffs, however it would be impossible to turn around as they were only just big enough for one car at a time. It was so steep that we had to keep stopping to let Shekinah have a break, as the transmission heat light kept coming on. However Open Heaven the big RV was just behind us and would not be able to stop as we could. So we drove further apart and finally took a left fork which took us onto the original road on the GPS. We waited for the other vehicles to arrive but no one came. So Ted got out and walked back to find out what was happening. He took my pink headlamp with him (thanks Katie!), which we thought was quite funny. Visions of jaguars jumping through the windows filled our heads as we were still in jungle and knew that jaguars only come out at night! Christian was in the front seat and keep jumping and going “AHH! Did you hear that?? What was that sound?” He has a habit of loving to scare us. So we mainly didn’t get scared. But we did hear a swarm of bees somewhere which we felt safe from as they wouldn’t be flying at night.

Eventually Ted came back after at least 20 minutes saying that the boys station wagon had overheated and they were all back there. Jesse and Ben then came running up saying they had walked all the way from the other vehicles and been chased by many dogs. Also the other camper had started to slide off the cliff they all had to struggle to pull it back. We unhooked our camper from Shekinah and drove to a place where we could turn around, to go back and get the other vehicles as the dogs were too dangerous for the guys to go back. It was quite funny and felt like a movie as we first found Open Heaven (filled with some of the girls and Zoe) and the Buick wagon (closed and abandoned) in the dark, and later found the other two vehicles way back down the road. We were able to lead them up the hill to the others, and found out from some passing locals that El Cho was now only 40 minutes away. We decided to keep on going as they said the road was paved beyond El Cho.

We ended up driving another 4 hours, sometimes driving where there were steep drops on both sides of the road and sometimes having to pass other trucks (utes for the Aussies!), mostly which were police vehicles loaded with soldiers and other people. It was election day in Guatemala so we figured they were carrying all the ballots. At one point we had to drive through mud and water past another steep drop, we went first, then Open Heaven came next. As Open Heaven went through the mud the sewage pipes broke off, spewing sewage all over the road! The people stuck behind it smelt the full power of the fumes and then had to drive through it… Needless to say there is now no usable toilet in Open Heaven, unless you want it to go straight on the road!

We arrived in El Cho as everyone was partying and drunk after the elections, and found a hotel to park in – some got rooms with showers roaches while a few of us stayed in the RVs. We went to bed with the sounds of partying and some gunfire, glad to finally get to sleep and full of joy that we had made it and that the roads were meant to be better from then on…

"God Is Here"

Struggling up the steep 4WD roads

The roads WERE better after El Cho!

Once again, Gorgeous scenery :)

Building a better bridge
As we were stopped on the side of the road, waiting for the others to cross a bridge, this drunk man comes to our window to talk to Christian...

After some honest talking about Jesus, they receive Him into their hearts :)

We left them with Spanish "Nuevo Testamento" bibles

Currently we are staying in the driveway of a special needs orphanage here in Chimaltenango, Guatemala. Yes, the roads were better since El Cho J We ended up here as Christian has a friend who is part of a team called the “World Racers”, who take one year and spend one month in each country in one place. We arrived on Tuesday, they left Wednesday afternoon to Honduras (later they will be in Asia) and now we are still here, waiting for our transmission to be fixed by another mechanic.

The kids here are gorgeous. Even as I write I can hear the sound of them singing to Jesus, led by Daniel, who is one of the older kids and can speak some English. There are 5 girls and 5 boys and they are very sweet and so filled with joy! There are 4 Guatemalan nannies who work 2 day shifts and other nationals who help out. There is also an American family in the area who have 10 children. They are helping out in this orphanage until their paperwork goes through to start a similar orphanage in another town not too far away. I met three of the girls who were teaching the orphans simple ballet. Families doing missions together so inspire me!

This may be disgusting, but yes, we have a lice outbreak... (not me though thank you Jesus!)

Candy and a friend look on...

Crazy gringo's wearing plastic bags on their heads!

Goldie, the perfect dog to be a part of this precious family of children...

There is a mall here about 15-20 mins walk (about the size of a small shopping centre in Australia) and it has a movie theatre. ! We watched the 3 musketeers the other night for 20 Quetzales each (under $3)! God spoke to me through it as he reminded me about the part of my call to raise up the next generation to be spiritual warriors and also raise them up in all boldness courage, honour and nobility. Knowing whose sons they are (and daughters) and knowing that their lives are for the kingdom… also for the King and the enjoyment of Him J It made my eyes tear up as there is a major part of me that is really looking forward to having a home, to putting down roots again and to start long-term investing into children and young people. They have no Junior Holy Spirit – they have the same God that us adults have and I long to see the schools of this nation (whatever nation I end up in) and the streets of these nations completely turned upside down as heaven invades through their lives. Young people long for a cause to live for, to fight for and the cause of Jesus is the only thing that will satisfy.

Thank you so, so much each of you who are praying and to those of you who have given.

Please continue to pray for financial provision for the rest of my time here. I am flying back to Australia for Christmas with my family, as God provided through my tax return for my ticket home J I will also be going to Melbourne for at least a couple of weeks to get my things together that are spread throughout several peoples houses and garages! I will be taking it back up to Brisbane to store in my parents house as I don’t anticipate coming back to live in Australia for a while yet. Pray also for clear direction on when to rejoin the team, possibly in Peru at the end of January or later.

In Mozambique during the Harvest Missions School, the Lord asked me to lay down every dream I had ever had for my life and also every dream that He had ever given me. Because of I laid that down, I am now here in Guatemala living the life that He chose for me (way better than I could have ever dreamed!). It has been hard sometimes consistently being on the move. Living out of my hiking pack and duffel is also not always the most fun thing – things tend to get lost and be found sometimes weeks later! However I am in the best place that I can be – in the arms of my Jesus. In His presence is fullness of JOY! I choose to embrace the journey – the good times as well as the more challenging ones. I find that I end up laughing and rejoicing at the most intense times! He said to Rejoice ALWAYS, and when I have been living intimately with God it does tend to be that way! I embrace the cup of suffering and the cup of joy and am looking forward even more to everything that is coming!

Thank you Jesus, for loving me.
I pray you encounter Him in even deeper ways today.