Monday, December 12, 2011

Back in the West: England and Paris!

Hey Everybody!

It's almost Christmas! I realised that a bit more when arriving into Juan Santamaria International Airport (Costa Rica), laying out my sleeping bag behind an ATM and being woken up in the middle of the night by an airport worker a few metres away putting decorations on a tree...It was 2am! Since then I have observed the beginnings of Christmas in London, Nottingham, Plymouth and Paris. London does it most tastefully, or if I can use the word deliciously :) From what I've seen there isn't much excess (tacky plastic decorations), there are mostly REAL trees and pretty lights. Add to that plenty of autumn leaves to trudge through, weather that encourages snuggling (the clothes kind as well as the people kind), good friends to chat with and plenty of cups of tea and I have to say I do love the Christmas season in Winter!

Our airport sleep over...

Miriam, my "heart sister" in Plymouth who also was my house mate with her husband during Mozambique

Tea, anyone?

It's a REAL Christmas tree!

I was able to catch up with relatives I hadn't seen in years (think asian guy with posh London accent, showing me around Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square) which was great fun. Also got to be with friends who I had last seen almost exactly one year ago, in Mozambique! I think it was a total God set-up that He made this happen... He knows our frame, our Daddy God knows exactly what we need and I was so blessed by my time with Iris family... In Plymouth one of my favourite experiences was visiting the recovery group for people recovering from addictions. This was part of a friend's church and we got to worship a bit with them, before watching the BBC Nativity movie. It was so special just seeing the love that this family of people have for eachother... They may come from all different backgrounds and experiences, but they genuinely care about each other and there is hope for each and every one's complete restoration: JESUS being the hope, as Jesus' LOVE is the key to breakthrough in any persons life... we will be known by the love we have for each other!

It's Captain Jack Sparrow!

Entrance to the road to Buckingham Palace

My cousin Benjamin - great tour guide :)

The Queen was not in...


Where the Mayflower sailed from

The Spanish invaded from the sea here

Burnt out church from bombings in the war

Trafalgar Square... ROAR!!!

Saul of Tarsus' conversion

My gorgeous friend Beth, another Iris Missions school graduate - she is living a revivalist lifestyle in the London suburbs!

I have been here just over 2 days and already am seeing so much. Through the past 2 years the Lord has been highlighting this country to me and having me intercede for it. I feel like it is very important to what goes on spiritually in the rest of Western Europe. I had actually never had the desire to come here. Eastern Europe was more in my heart having been to Ukraine in 2008 with my church and feeling the hunger in the people there. However now God has lit a fire in my heart for Western Europe as well, mainly to intercede for the land and people here, usually at times when I'm not even thinking about it.

So far I have been able to go to two well-known cathedrals: Sacre Cour and Notre Dame. While there I felt to pray the fire of God and an invasion of Heaven into those places and through them. Many people tread the stones of those buildings every day, either for tourism or to attend mass. I could feel the presence of Jesus however there is also much going on that distracts from Him. Lord we release the glory of Jesus and true revelation of Him in those places!

Lucile - a woman of God in Paris who LOVES wholeheartedly!

Sacre Coure

Paris by night...

Notre Dame

We don't need to go through a priest, we have Jesus Christ himself!

Today, Sunday, included French speaking church for a Christmas Lunch, and a visit to the Musée d'art et d'histoire du Judaisme. It was really interesting learning about all the history and persecution of God's chosen people in Europe and North Africa... I feel like there is a connection between what has happened here in the past and His future plans for this nation.

I was feeling so tired from walking around everywhere and really wanted to go home to sleep, however every time I asked God about it He kept pressing on me the need to climb the Eiffel Tower. This was one of the main reasons I had felt to come to Paris yet I was so tired I almost didn't! However Jesus persuaded us, and the closer we got the more excited we felt. Myself and Lucile (French Iris Harvest School friend) went all the way to the top in the rain, and prayed and released God's plans and purposes over Paris... My friend has such a heart to see all of Paris in love with JESUS, the lover of their souls. So many people come to Paris as it is the place to be in love. A lot of the time when I go to new places I like to feel with my spirit what kind of atmophere or strongholds are over it, and I could feel it here in Paris too. The enemy has perverted God's original purpose for Paris where people come here to fall in love, yet so many end up selling out to the world's understanding of love. We want Paris to be known as the place where people come to experience the manifest LOVE of JESUS just because they have heard of how much He is moving here. France is meant to be a deep watering hole for the surrounding regions and nations to come to, to drink deep of His love and His refreshing water of life. In JESUS' Name we release that over this city and say yes, Paris will be a place of pure adoration of the King and intimacy with the One who delights in and romances us best! While we were up in the highest part of the tower that you can go, it was raining and clouds were constantly swirling around us. We took that as a prophetic sign of the clouds of glory and love that the Lord intends to be over and filling France. Just while this was happening, a young man behind me said, "Yes! She said yes!" Others around him began to congratulate him, and immediately I was reminded of the marriage supper of the lamb... We speak out in faith that yes, she will say yes! The people of Paris will say YES to her bridegroom King Jesus and she will be found at the marriage feast when He comes soon!

Blessings and more intimacy for you today... I pray for a fresh revelation of Jesus Christ as your Bridegroom King! He alone is the One to be adored and He is fully and totally worthy! Please pray for the Jews of France and Europe to come into revelation of Yeshua as Messiah: for His heart yearns for His Jewish bride!

Love, Serena

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