Thursday, May 4, 2017

Hansa Center Follow Up Visit!

Hansa Center Treatment Update

God was SO amazing at leading me to the Hansa Center in Wichita for treatment in February this year. I originally heard about it through a friend I know through Iris Global where I served in Pemba, Mozambique. Later on, I came upon the story online of another woman in my city who was suffering multiple seizures and could not walk, from Chronic Late Stage Lyme Disease. At the end of her first two weeks at Hansa she was able to walk and her seizures had stopped! Talking to this new friend and seeing her hope in Jesus helped me to trust that I was hearing rightly from God when He kept whispering to me "Hansa Center".

The Extent of Damage

I went into the Hansa center with a diagnosis of CFS/ME. This was the only diagnosis that doctors could come up with after a barrage of testing throughout 2014 and 2015. As well as seeing my GP/DO, I was sent to an infectious disease specialist who couldn't give me any answers, and tried various natural health practitioners who were able to help me a little, but I was still continuing to get worse. Further testing later on showed the borrelia bacteria, which is associated with Neuroborreliosis, more known as Lyme Disease.

Eventually it came to the point where among other things, I was stuck in bed for 75-95% of each day, and could not go into the prayer room or church because of a problem with processing sound and vibrations. As a musician and singer, this was really hard. I also had postural orthostatic intolerance, being unable to stay upright for too long and needing to lay down flat. It physically hurt to sing, I had cognitive difficulties, neurological issues, pain, and found it hard to hope.

How Hansa Has Helped So Far

During my first intensive two week treatment at Hansa, I entered an environment full of peace and the presence of God. I was so encouraged every single day that I always left my doctor's appointments feeling better in some way, and with more answers about what was going on with my body. The doctors and staff at Hansa pray for patients as well as asking the Lord for wisdom in treating each patient.

The Lord set me up while I was there. My doctor as well as some other patients unknowingly spoke words in season to me that directly spoke to my circumstances in my life both directionally and in my personal journey with the Lord.

I left highly encouraged that I had heard rightly from the Lord in choosing Hansa as the place I would go for treatment. I had more energy during the next two weeks after treatment than I had had in months, if not years.

Now, among other things, I am able to tolerate being around people more than before, my energy levels have improved, my friends tell me I have less brain fog, and I am able to go into stores without getting dizzy and going into fight or flight mode from overstimulation. Praise Jesus!

Going Forward

There are still bumps and challenges in the road - I have layers of infection in my body and it's like an onion - each layer healed and removed reveals more layers and symptoms. Yet this is how chronic Lyme works and I am just so glad I am able to access treatment, as without it I would only be continuing to get worse, possibly ending up like many Lyme disease patients around the world - completely bedridden, suffering more severe symptoms than I currently have like seizures, more heart issues and possibly ending up in early death.

I Have So Much Hope

God provided for me and led me so clearly the first time to Hansa. I know that my life does not end here and He has so much more for me. My dream is to get well so that I am able to work more with children from hard places/traumatic backgrounds. My dream is that one day I may be able to sing again without pain, and to be able to go to church and other gatherings without traumatising my body further. I know God is holding me close, and carrying me all throughout this season. He is my Hope, my Faithful Friend, Saviour and Redeemer, and whether He heals me miraculously all at once or continues to use doctors that He has gifted to heal, I trust in His plans for my life.

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