Hi friends,

I am honoured and blessed that you would want to partner with me! You are a direct part of impacting individual hearts and spreading the love, glory, fire and power of Jesus across the nations :) You are a part of bringing justice and restoration to children and families.

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Australian Bank Account:
Please email me for my details at serena (copy and paste, then remove the space between serena and xh).

Check (for US only): Email me for my address

I am looking for monthly partners to join me in ministry! If you would like to support me on a monthly basis, please let me know!

All funds given will go directly towards my expenses as an intercessory missionary both in Kansas City and the nations, ministering to the poor, the broken, the abused and the unreached as well as raising up more of those who feel called to missions!

You will be a part of seeing nations and people groups falling in love with Jesus and being set free by His overabundant, powerful LOVE, which can be overcome by nothing! Jesus' LOVE is what overcomes...

Can I also say that I know, as a missionary to the nations, how important it is to have intercessors covering me! Being able to pray is such a privilege. I also truly appreciate the prayers of those of you who are praying for me! This is the most important thing I need!

I want you to know that I will only go, I will only stay, where HE specifically calls me to. I've been made uncomfortable by the thought that maybe people will only give if I am continuing to go, go, go and serve in ways that people see as being a worthy cause. Mainly, in some people's minds, in 3rd world countries. But should that stop me from being where HE wants me to be? No, I will seek HIS heart and will be wherever HE calls me to be, ministering to the people HE has called me to, in whatever season I am in :) HE will continue to provide wherever HE has me :) All glory and honour and praise to the ONE who was slain, JESUS, for every miracle of provision HE causes to come through!!

Thank you so so so much and may the Lord BLESS you abundantly and draw you deeper and deeper into His unquenchable LOVE for you!