Sunday, November 13, 2011

San Salvador

- This place makes my spirit come alive!
- There are 23 volcanoes in El Salvador
- We can see some from San Salvador, where we are
- There were 8 gang shootings in the past week, just in the neighbourhood where we ministered this morning
- Lots of the kids we were with today have parents in jail
- Wendy's in San Salvador is way more than just ice cream! (Australia) It's burgers and salads and more too!
- We must have passed at least 5 burger kings, KFCs, Chilis, Maccas (McDonalds for you Americans), we even saw a Starbucks sign!
- This feels most like the west out of anywhere else we've been, apart from the barbed wire mounted on top of every fence, the double locked doors and the insistence on having the outer door closed AND padlocked at all times. 
- We can tell it's almost Christmas here, from the christmas trees, and the nativity scene on the roundabout
- Border crossing was safe, but one of our team members got taken away by a government officer!
- We got hot showers last night! and each person got a bed to themselves! and there are sheets!! (as opposed to sleeping in my sleeping bag every night whether hot or cold)
- No mosquitoes here thank you Jesus!
- They use US currency
- You can get a 500ml coke for 60c!


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