Monday, November 7, 2011

Guatemala - taking back the land for Jesus

Written November 2nd, 2011

We are camped out here in Tikal, Guatemala by an absolutely GORGEOUS lake. We first drove to the National Park here but we were literally walking through swarms of bugs and getting stung by ants, so voted to try and find a different place. We grabbed a quick dinner first at a restaurant, then left in our convoy of vehicles to drive slowly through the town, looking for a sign someone had spotted earlier in the day to park by a lake. We stayed there two nights where children visited us until late in the night, then showed up again at 5am in the morning… One of the boys gave his life to Jesus, while another one behind him I’m pretty sure did as well as I could hear him praying along :)

We moved after two nights, to a hotel grounds just next to the field we were previously in. Here we get to use the toilets 24/7 (yay!) and once every few days one of us rents a room for $20 USD so that some of us can have a shower! Here we have to get used to going without showers days at a time. The lake is absolutely beautiful both to look at and to swim in. The clear water is not too cold and not too warm, completely perfect with small waves and little fish that like to nibble when we stay still enough (Which isn’t actually that still)! I heard that there’s crocodiles, but only further out in the lake!

Maria explaining Jesus to Mario
Camped out by Lake Peten
Our vehicles are just beyond the edge of this pool

Three days ago we visited the biggest preserved city of Mayan Ruins in all of Latin America. We climbed up the highest temple ruin and took communion, trading the blood of Jesus Christ for peace and freedom in the land. We broke the power of the ancient curses brought about by many human sacrifices centuries ago, and as we finished praying and worshipping the sun came out for the first time all day, bathing us in glorious light. We all felt the atmosphere shift as we lifted up praise and declared the power and truth of Jesus’ blood sacrifice. This land belongs to Jesus! As team leader Christian Jung put it:

“Mark 3:27 says, "No one can enter a strong man’s house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man. And then he will plunder his house." Our call as Christ's followers is to take His gospel and to further His Kingdom throughout the every nation. I truly believe that the demonic strong man that has caused Guatemala, El Salvador and other Central and South American countries to be some of the most dangerous places on earth was bound today by a simple act of obedience on behalf of God's sons and daughters. Now it's time to plunder his goods.”

Communion with Tortillas and Gatorade

Communion on Temple IV
Through the jungle!

Later this week we will be visiting two different villages of the Itza people. They are Jesus' lost Itza bride! They are descendants of the ancient Mayan people and there are less than 2000 of them left. God is not willing that any should perish. Father would you fill us with YOUR love and YOUR heart for your cherished ones!

Guatemala is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been on this earth. This is surely meant to be a place to encounter Jesus and that shows off his glory.

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