Friday, January 28, 2011

6 weeks to go!

It is now only just over 6 weeks to go until I leave for Asia, although a few others in the group will be starting a couple weeks earlier in Thailand, scouting out the area for the Lord's strategies on starting a new Iris base there. This will be specifically to go with God's heart on ministering to and setting free those many girls and boys who are selling themselves for sex every day. "In Thailand as well as in other countries, six year old girls are sold by their parents for $10.00 to the brothels where they are forced to have sex with many men every night."  This is so sad and so not what God has in mind for each of these young lives. He has called, created and purposed them for so much more. See Christian and Christy's blog at for more information about this trip which I am not going on, but is taking place just before I leave and Jesse and Tanya will be on this trip. I will most likely be meeting up with them in this country and flying straight on to where we are headed next. Christian and Christy's blog also includes a link to a 10 minute teaser for the film "Call and Response" about human trafficking.

As I continue to transition from living in Africa to living in Australia in the western world, and also prepare to leave again soon for this next trip, please continue to pray! Your prayers are needed and so appreciated!

Pray for:

More of Jesus. We want more and we need more. That we would keep our eyes fixed on the author and perfecter of our faith and also keep our hearts soft and open to continuously receiving His love... We are going because of Him. We are going to be his hands and feet and to see Jesus in the eyes of every man, woman and child that we have the privilege to meet. We can only do this if we first stop every day for Jesus before we stop for the one... Pray that we would dive deep into His heart every day, and lay down and die every day, that He may fill us to overflowing with His love and joy! We love him and he loves us. He loves each of us so incredibly. He loves YOU so inexhaustibly.

Visas - favour as well as everything to go smoothly with getting documents in time etc.

Finance - for plane tickets, visas, other means of travel, support along the way and to be able to bless the existing ministries and people who we will be serving with as the Lord leads

Unity - genuine love and unity among the team who are going. We are a small group, who will be meeting up with others in various countries. That our hearts would be bound together in the Lord and we really would be like family- loving, supporting and encouraging each other all along the way

Direction - that we would hear completely clearly from the Lord, every step of the way. Pull down any assignments of confusion or uncertainty that have been set against us. Pray for specific keys and divine strategies from the Lord, and boldness to step out in prompt obedience to whatever He leads us to.

Health/family - please continue to lift us up in prayer for divine health and protection for each of us and our families as we travel. Grace for the journey. Nothing we eat shall harm us and nothing we touch can hurt us. Also in some areas there would be varying amounts of demon worship and witchcraft going on. Greater is He who is in us than he who is the world, no weapon formed against us will prosper. We are called to go into some of the darkest places of this world to bring the light of Jesus Christ. The light shines into the darkness and the darkness does not overcome it. The light also exposes and uncovers what is going on in the darkness. We know that we will see many people set free and whole family lines changed forever as we venture in and love on the least of these and those held in spiritual bondage.

Please also continue to pray for preparations for the South/Central America trip!  
Some of us will be heading to the US by early august to get things together, however planning has been going on since october 2010 and will continue and only increase as we get closer to leaving. There is much to organise, such as vehicles for the trip, mapping out our trip and making contact with those already in the countries, and various other logistics. This is a trip expected to last around a year or longer.

Thank you so much again for your prayers! Because of you many of the worlds unreached people groups will soon be able to be called reached! Even in the place where I did mission school - Pemba, Mozambique the missiologists used to call the local tribal groups almost impossible to reach, yet they are now experiencing revival. Today, so many of these people in Asia and the Americas have never even heard the name Jesus, and many are dying every single day without having heard of the only one who can give them eternal life and joy and love every day of their lives here on earth. You may not be able to go yourself but know that your prayers are powerful and are changing lives all over the world :)

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If you would like to give anything financially towards these ministry trips, click here: "Give to the Adventure". Bless you!

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