Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dear Friends!

Well, it's happening! 2 days 'til I leave the country again for who knows how long (God does I know!)

My passport had a couple of delays but arrived this morning with the courier, Praise Jesus!! Now I can leave the country legally, and not only that but go to Mozambique for 90 days legally!! Once the June school and 10 day bush outreach is over, I will leave Mozambique for approximately 3 weeks, having obtained another 90 day visa in time for the 2nd school from October to December. In December I will have the privilege of co-leading an extended outreach into Sudan! Christmas in Sudan with the least of these who know where their true riches are! It will be a time to remember!

Right now my parent's living room is strewn with all my things, and I'm having to decide what is the most needed out of all the necessary things I'm meant to take. 20kg is the weight limit for my last leg of flights to Pemba, so I have to fit everything down to that. Some of the random items I'm taking: 

- sticky notes and sharpies - it always helps to be organised and to be able to label your waterbottle!
- loong board shorts - so as not to show my knees while in the water! Some men in mozambique have never even seen their mother's knees. So it's quite important I don't show mine!
- Masterfoods mixed herbs - to add some flavour to my rice and beans ;) Or rice and matapa. Or rice and cabbage.
- swim shoes - so I don't get nasty coral cuts or sea urchin spikes
- bed sheets - Take all your own bedding! 

So, Onward and upward! Inward and deepward! I will be spending 5 days in Malaysia visiting my mum, relatives and friends before hopping on a Qatar airways flight to Qatar - 10 hr airport sleepover! Then an overnight in Johannesburg, before arriving in Pemba for the last of house prep and staff meetings before the approx 300 students start to arrive... I'm ready for chaos!! Not to be chaotic for very long!

Please pray:
- Long, long story but basically I don't have a working debit/atm card so had to have one expressed to me by the bank. They said it MAY arrive tomorrow but could also arrive Friday... Friday I am leaving early in the morning!! Basically, I need it to arrive tomorrow.

- Finance. For all staff members in need of it and all students too who are in need of it!! Some families are coming to do the school with up to 5 or more kids... it means plane fares x 7, at least! God is in the business of miracles and I have seen him do it before! He provides where He guides! Also for myself as I am still needing more :) My Daddy is Jehovah Jireh, my provider! 

- Construction of the student houses! Again, this school is bigger than any of the previous ones so again, they are having to construct more moz style student housing for the students to arrive.

- JOY! and favour with luggage, protection over luggage, divine health, anything else you can think of :) :) :) 

I am SO excited to have you be a part of this with me!! Many, many blessings to you and to all your families!! You are the beloved of His heart and therefore favoured and held close, safe and secure :) I pray that you receive everything you need today, whether it be comfort, joy, safety, finance, direction, wisdom, peace...

Lots of love and hugs, in JESUS because He is ALWAYS Worth it ALL!!

Serena x

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  1. Update - the card came!!! 1 day before flying out!! Thank you Jesus!! :D And thank you for praying!