Monday, February 21, 2011

Thailand March 2011

Plans have altered slightly and I will now be in Thailand from 6-15 March!
This is as part of the Iris Thailand Survey Team. The team will be staying in Bangkok from 1st March, I will join them from the 6th and on the 7th we will all travel together to Pattaya. We will be visiting different NGOs and seeking God's heart on what He wants for Iris Thailand. There is already one Iris alumni living in Thailand. She graduated from HS12 in August 2010, and followed the Lord's leading to move to Thailand :) We will be a team of about 14-17. Some of the team will be spending some time ministering in the mountains as well.

I have just this morning booked my flight from Melbourne to Bangkok! It is soo exciting knowing that I am in God's will, and even after it was booked, I arrived at work and one of the girls who has nothing to do with the trip told me of a dream she had had last night where I left for Thailand on 6th March. God is just so good and loving in confirming! I waited for so long to book this ticket because I wasn't sure if He wanted me to go the 27th Feb or 6th March. I also didn't want to miss out on anything... yet He has His reasons and it will give me an extra week with friends and church family here in Melbourne. Please pray for continued provision for this Asia trip. Part of it will be ministering in Darwin, Australia among the indigenous people from May 10-25. I am so excited to be able to minister in my own country as well...

MISSION: To love the poor, to bind up the brokenhearted, to look after the widows and orphans, to father the fatherless, to loose those in bondage, to free the captives, to pour out the Father’s love on the hurting, to bring the healing power of Jesus to the sick and the afflicted, to release the spirit of adoption on the orphan heart, to bring justice to where there is injustice, and to love the darkness out of Thailand.

VISION: To recruit Iris Mission School Alumni’s to tour Thailand and build relationships with already existing NGO’s, and also to help better understand the need of the surrounding areas so that God can open the doors for Iris Thailand.  We will be doing some street work, treasure hunt type of Holy Spirit, prophetic prayer for people. 

ONE YEAR GOAL for Iris Thailand: To scout out possible property and to maintain healthy relationships with existing NGO’s. To prayerfully consider what the Lord has for Iris in the countries of Thailand and Cambodia, whatever it looks like, ie, an Iris Base, children’s center, a women’s shelter, a job training facility…or other creative God ideas. To connect with the existing NGO’s to better work together in abolishing modern slavery.  For Iris Thailand, we hope to commission our Iris Alumni missionaries and inject into this darkness special Iris Holy Spirit DNA!

Check out the Iris Thailand Blog for updates during the trip!

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