Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Revival to Latin America!

So it is getting closer to the time of launching into the Latin America adventure!! I am truly so excited about the chance to go and be not only Jesus' hands and feet, but Jesus' HEART to the unreached and broken of Latin America!

A while back during school in Mozambique, 2010, a handful of us Iris missionaries began to dream about South America. Prophetic words began to confirm that this dream would become reality. We transitioned from a handful of missionaries to an army of drunk-in-the-Spirit children (in the Lord) with hearts ablaze to run through all of Central and South America on a massive treasure hunt to locate and reach the remaining unreached and less-reached people groups, as well as the poor andbroken, partnering with other churches and organisations along the way, carrying the love and glory of Jesus and operating in the signs and wonders!

We will be bringing revival fire to the nations of Mexico, Central America, South America and the Carribean! This is a trip expected to take around a year but may change depending on the Holy Spirit! We are focussing on the unreached people groups and will go wherever He sends us, however He sends us, no matter how hard to get to or how treacherous the way.

There will be local people there on the ground to disciple these new believers, as well as groups of mission school students who will be coming back to continue the work. (Jesse and Tanya along with Christian and Christy will be starting a new Iris missions school after the South America trip where they will be specifically focussing on the unreached people groups).

For me: As soon as Jesse and Tanya began talking about it, I felt a stirring to go. After praying about it for a while and receiving confirmations both from the Lord and from various people around me, I received my final confirmation - approval from my cell group leader back in Australia. She got a specific verse for me which spoke about the supernatural unity of our team that would go forth into the Americas. Right after recieving that, Tanya came to find my door (in Mozambique) saying we had a South America meeting. It was also during this meeting that Tanya asked if I wanted to go with them to Nepal, which turned into the whole Asia trip earlier this year!

God is good and has led me well - this year has been an amazing journey so far with Him - not really always knowing what's happening next and I am discovering more and more how His direction always leads me into a place where "the boundary lines have fallen in pleasant places for me" - even when I'm not always comfortable with it straight away. Perseverance and "sticking with it" as well as choosing to open my heart and let HIM be the gardener (think weeds)... has shown me that His ways are ALWAYS good and ALWAYS right!

I left Australia with only enough finance to be able to last me the first two and a bit countries of the 5 countries we were planning to go to. Now, 8 countries and 3 continents later I can say that the Lord has really been teaching me and stretching me in this journey of faith. I want to encourage YOU too to always step out where He leads - if it is truly the Lord who is leading you, you KNOW He will provide!

I am excited as soon my laptop, shoes (I can use for hiking), and spanish learning software will be coming from Mozambique so I can start learning spanish in earnest! Long story for this. I left it all in Australia originally, tried so hard to find someone to bring it to me in Malaysia (I didn't originally know I was going to not be back to Australia before the Americas) finally found a team who was coming from Melbourne to Mozambique... but only after I would be gone! Thankfully one of the Harvest Mission school students is from IHOP, so will be bringing my things for me in a couple days!

So, Just a few of the main details for Latin America:

Date: September 11,2011 to August 2012
I will be finishing up with the internship here in Kansas City on September 23rd, and Lord willing will fly into Mexico by the end of September to join the rest of the team.
Organisation: Iris Ministries (, Heidi Baker is calling it our "Moving Iris Ministries Base!" 

Blog site for the trip:
Countries visiting and tentative dates: I am committed from Mexico to at least Panama, and am possibly staying on for Colombia, Ecuador and Peru (up til January/February) and however much longer the Holy Spirit leads! I am also planning to rejoin the team in April 2012 for Brazil (more of the Amazon, as one of the original confirmations I had to do the trip was a vision of the Amazon jungle) all the way through Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Venezuala and the Carribean.

Mexico September 11-Oct 2,
Belize Oct 2-Oct 9,
Guatamala Oct 9-16,
El Salvador Oct 16-23,
Honduras Oct 23-30,
Nicuragua Oct 30-Nov 6,
Costa Rica Nov 6-13,
Panama Nov 13-20,
Colombia Nov 27-December 18th,
Ecuador Dec 18-Dec 25,
Peru Dec 25-Jan 15,
Bolivia Jan 15-29
Chile Jan 29-Feb26
Argentina Feb 26-March 18
Uraguay March 18-March 25
Paraguay March 25-April 1
Brazil April 1-May 27
French Guiana, Suriname, Guiana May 27-june 17
Venezuela June 17-July 1
Carribean islands-bahamas July 1-August 19th

Mode of travel: By land via Motor homes (RVs) and 4by4s starting from California to Mexico and so on. We have contacts in every country we will be visiting and more divine connections to come as we go in faith.

What will we do: We will be focusing mostly in remote places in the mountains and amazon jungles as well as some urban cities and will believe God to show up in amazing ways! We will share the love of JESUS to unreached tribes in villages and also the urban poor, and believe him for healings, transformation and His love to pour out to others. The team already has a portable projector and sound system that can be carried in a backpack to remote areas to show the Jesus film. We used this in Nepal and it was very successful.

If you feel stirred to give towards this trip, please do let me know so that I can check that it has come through. If you would like to commit to giving monthly or on a regular basis, please do also let me know. For those who are not able to leave their lives to Go, they are able to give into the ministry! Email me if you have any questions :)

King David said “…. The share of the man who stayed with the supplies is to be the same as that of him who went down to the battle. All will share alike.” (1 Samuel 30:24) There is a great article by David Wilkerson about this - let me know if you want it emailed to you!

Love and MORE OF JESUS for you! I pray that today you are constantly aware of and reminded of His presence - He so enjoys you... get that revelation, and never stop growing in it - How He adores and enjoys us!

Serena xo

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