Wednesday, August 17, 2011

an URGENCY for the Nations! Bringing the Bride in!

There is now even more of an URGENCY in my heart regarding the nations.
Last Friday night during our Encounter God Service, the Holy Spirit just broke loose with JOY and we had a huge JOY party! It was so good and felt so free!

Then on the Friday night church service, we had just finished 2 hours of worship, praying for the sick and hearing many testimonies of healings especially bad backs and Scoliosis. It was awesome too because one of my friends had bad knees so that she couldn't run and would find it painful even sometimes to walk. We prayed for her and it got 30% better. So we prayed again and again and it got all the way up to 80% better. We are believing for complete healing!

So it came time for the preaching. The leader who heads up the NightWatch here was preaching on Isaiah 62 and 63. As he was preaching I could sense and see in my mind's eye the presence of God filling the whole auditorium. Jesus the Judge of the Nations was sitting on His throne and He was so big that all I could see was His feet and up to His knees. The preacher got up to a particular point in His message, then stopped... There was silence for a few seconds, then he started to sob and sob... He couldn't keep speaking so asked Misty and the worship team to come up and he left the stage. I was kind of not stirred up a whole whole lot, just excited that Holy Spirit was doing something. Then all of a sudden my housemate who is sitting in front of me started to wail. I was happy because she normally isn't like that so I knew God was doing something.

The next thing I knew I was hurled forward with such force that my mouth hit my knees. I was screaming and Heaven just invaded that place with the fear of the Lord. All I feel was just this FEAR of the Lord, not a bad fear, but a healthy FEAR of HIM and His HUGENESS. All I could see were tribes, unreached tribes who didn't know Him and were continuing in their animism... My heart felt as if it had been pierced. I was screaming and grieving on the floor as I felt His HEART for His BRIDE!

There will be a time when Jesus comes back, when He goes - ENOUGH! When He will come and do whatever it takes to get His BRIDE back and save her from the injustices of this world!

We sometimes don't really want Him to come back yet, because we want to be able to finish studying, or get a career, or get married or have a family. Yet the child who is trapped in sex trafficking doesn't care about that - that child just wants Him to come back now!

"And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come." Matt 24:14
This word nations in the greek actually means to all people groups. This is why I am going into the nations, this is why my heart and focus is so much to the unreached, as Jesus will not come back until they all have heard.

There is an URGENCY in my heart regarding the NATIONS. The harvest is ripe. The Lord is coming. They have not heard. We as friends of Jesus the Bridegroom King must go out and prepare the Bride for His coming! It is not only just about getting people saved. It is about preparing the bride to know how to keep her lamp burning. It is not just about salvation as the first step. It's about INTIMACY with Jesus as the Bridegroom as well as imparting that urgency in the new disciples to reach the lost around them.

If you have questions, email me.

Notes from the teaching that weekend can be found at . It is called "Armegeddon: The Beauty of Jesus as the Man of War" Go down the the bottom of the page and click on teaching notes. You can also listen to the mp3, but the mp3 is from the Sunday, not saturday service... as it actually includes the whole thing.

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