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Belize 2011 (written October 24th, 2011)

We have been here in Belize now for 6 days. We came with no contacts and so were really open to the Holy Spirit’s leading for what he wants us to do. Jesse (team leader) texted Heidi saying what we were up to, and she texted back saying that we would find our greatest treasure here in Belize!

I was excited about Belize, as it is one of the Central American countries that God specifically spoke to me about while in the Prayer Room at IHOP (the other being El Salvador). We stayed in an RV park in the town of Corozal for 4 nights right across the road from the Caribbean sea, where we found out there were alligators – later confirmed by the guys who went out at night to check! Across the road there was also a restaurant where we could go hang out and use the internet. We went there straight away on the first day, to worship as a team and see what the Lord would say to us. Tanya felt from the Lord that while we were in Belize we would make specific friends here, that they could take us into the villages and we could pour into them, letting Jesus do whatever he wanted through that.

Godfrey and Kareem
During our time in Corozal the team went out each night to the town square, just to talk with people and love on them. We met one man named Godfrey, who had decided to come off drugs and alcohol two days previous. He said he could take us into the hospitals to pray for people, and also into villages. So Godfrey was our guide the next few days. We found out he was trying to get a job on an island so that he could be away from all his old friends and be able to get out of is old lifestyle. However it turned out that he would not be able to have the interview until 3 weeks time. He worried that once we left he wouldn’t be able to keep being sober. We prayed as a team and every single one of us felt a peace to take him along with us as long as we are here in this country! So he came with us yesterday as we drove to the next town, and this morning he said he wanted to be baptised! We all walked to the ocean, along with a Canadian couple who are staying in the same place as us and a few other Belizean interested onlookers. The guys who had met Godfrey first were the ones to baptise him. Behind us, another of the guys was explaining the gospel and baptism to another man, Kareem. After Godfrey came out of the water, Kareem decided he wanted to be baptised too!! We feel like Godfrey IS this greatest treasure that Heidi was speaking about.

Testimony from Hospital
One woman was in the hospital because she drank bad water. She couldn’t sit up without a nurse helping her and had sharp pains in her stomach. She couldn’t take a deep breath. Some of the girls prayed for her. She said the pain had been at a 15 and it changed to a 7. She tried and was able to take deep breaths. She also tried to sit up and did it by herself! They girls prayed again and the pain went away completely! She said she was ready to check herself out of hospital J Praise Jesus!

Stopping for the One…
As an Iris team who is doing missions as life together, we know the need for rest. This is not a 2 week missions trip and as such we can’t just push through forever. Therefore every team member has freedom to stay behind and rest when they feel to, or even more importantly stay behind and be with Jesus alone when they need to! In Corozal I found that all times except one, Jesus asked me to stay back and be with him. So I did. It is so important in all life seasons to stop for the ONE (Jesus) first before stopping for the one. I had kind of noticed a little recently that I wasn’t feeling as loved as I normally do, and that is because I hadn’t been stopping for Jesus as much I should! I need to stop for Jesus every day, to fill up on His love before I can pour out on others!! I have always made it my goal to “practice the presence of God” – to constantly live out of awareness of His presence. I still do this but there is also always the need to take time out and be alone with Him, with no other distractions. Both are needed. Every day. Take the time, give him your whole attention. This is how to live a life of revival and this is how to keep the flame burning… Oh, how He LOVES us!

Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for praying! I value each and every one of you and you are so important to me. Please let me know if you have any prayer requests :)

Love Serena

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