Friday, October 28, 2011

More good news! and Please Pray...

The night before Guatemala, two of the girls on our team went to find a birthday for another of the girls who had just turned 21! So they ventured into the town to see what they could find. They really wanted to be able to find a chocolate cake. They went into many different places and could not find anything, then all of a sudden this man came past carrying chocolate cake!! The pieces were too small though for our whole team. So the girls asked if he had anything big enough to feed 23 people. He said he did, and he called his wife to check if she could bake it. She could and he took the girls back to his house to wait for it. As they were in the house they found out that the people were Christian. They were able to pray for and encourage these people.

The uncle was also able to help our friend Godfrey to find somewhere to stay, to escape from all his old drinking/drug buddies up in his old town. So we have been able to set him up in a house for a month as he looks for work, AND he now has solid Christian friends to help support him in his walk with Jesus :) God is so good! Godfrey also addressed us as a team on our last night in Belize, thanking us from the bottom of his heart for taking us into our family... God is so good... I know I said it already but He really is so good! We are so privileged as a team to have been able to love on this precious one.

Also on our first night here in Guatemala, this one kid was following us on foot to three different places that we stopped to potentially stay overnight. He sold us some tomales (which tasted really good!) As we hung out with him, both Mario (10 yrs old) and his friend Fernando (13 yrs) ended up giving their lives to Jesus - knowing that this will be a living, talking relationship, not just going to church! yay Jesus!

In other news, PLEASE PRAY as one of our vehicles transmissions failed while we were entering Guatemala. They can't fix it here so two of the guys went back to Belize this morning to find parts. They came back a couple hours ago and they hadn't been able to find parts in Belize, so we now need to ship parts from the US. It will take at least 1.5 weeks to get here and will cost us $1800, plus shipping. Please pray as at this point in time we do not have to finance to get those parts.

If you would like to GIVE towards these parts, please go to and click "Donate" up the top right of the page. This is secure credit card giving through paypal.

Thank you for helping us do what the Lord has called us to do in spreading his fire and glory love through Central America!

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