Friday, July 27, 2012

Bom Dia!!

Couldn't sleep last night til past midnight... Got woken up just after 6 by someone sweeping?? (sweeping the dirt?!?) outside my window this morning... and now am on my computer trying to get some things sorted... After finding myself stuck in not being able to get a certain situation moving forward, I was sitting in what I call my "office" (an open front porch haha which gets VERY windy at times, next to the big baobab tree with views to the family houses (kids playing!) and the clinic) feeling almost like giving up when I hear: "Bom Dia!! (good morning!) Bom Dia!! Bom dia bom dia!!! One of our Mozambican gardeners comes running up to me and holds out his hands to grab mine - hand shaking is a greeting that happens pretty much every time you see someone here. So I grab his hands, and find something pushed into mine - I look down and it's an orange flavoured "Bobo Pop"! (lollipop/sucker). He bounds off up the dirt pathway chuckling and I find myself immediately beaming and so happy that Daddy God just gave me a lollipop - and from a mozambican brother obviously overflowing with JOY! - haha!! He SO knew how to cheer me up! I love you so much God :) :) :)

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  1. Hi Serena!Do you remember me? Isabelle From Brazil... we've met in Maputo (only one day, but was so good to talk to you). God bless you in everything you do!