Saturday, July 14, 2012


Dear Friends,

Just felt to share some thoughts which have been stirring in me from recent events in the past week... and then were provoked into verbalisation from a question yesterday :)

I just had someone come up to me and ask where I'm from. I said,
"Well, originally Australia." :)
This person said,
"What about now?"
I said,
"Everywhere." :)  I then proceeded to explain in a very small nutshell where I've been in the last year or so. This person then said, "Well, that's nice! I'd love to do that! How did that work practically? I would like to do that. I love to travel!" 

Well. How DOES that happen? (my heart screaming inside of me: it's NOT ABOUT TRAVEL!! IT'S ABOUT THE FATHER'S HEARTBEAT!!!)

You cannot plan this kind of adventure. The best adventures are not planned but are rather, fallen into. Or in this case, the best adventures come out of leaning into the Father's heartbeat. They come from desiring His presence, seeking His face.  

Why are you seeking His face? Because you want Him. No other reason. You want to know Him. To know Who He is. Why He is. You desire His heart. His fire. His glory. None other. 
Then He gives you a dream, or a directive. Whichever it is, or whether it's both. He gives it to you. This might be in a moment. It might be in a year. It might be over a number of years. It might be for -- NOW. It might be for the next season. It might be for a few seasons time... Whichever it is, the adventures comes out of the obedience. We seek His heart and His face, and we get consumed by His Holy Fire. By His radical love. 

The radical love and obedience of the Son to a Holy and All Consuming Fiery Loving Father,
The obedience of this Son to suffering and death resulted in our Freedom and His Joy. 

It resulted in our freedom to become Sons and Daughters to that same, Holy, All Consuming Fiery Loving Father... it resulted in our enablement (grace: the empowerment and enablement of God) to become obedient to that Loving Father who desires that ALL men be saved, not just one. Who desires that ALL of Israel be joined to Him, not just some. Our obedience to His LOVE in this age... (which is a very small, very fleeting age by the way) results in eternal relationship with Him in the next... (which, is a very long, very continual age by the way)... It results in eternal blessings. Eternal favour. Eternal Mercy. Eternal rewards. Would you rather have riches and blessings and favour and comfort in this age or the next?

Let's join in the Son's intimacy with the Father, let's join in His grace and enablement for what we're called to, let's join in the calling of the Heavenly invasion down to earth (seeing His ways and His heart manifest on earth), let's join in the Son's obedience, and the Son's suffering, together with the Son's joy! 
One more thing. Without Holy Spirit, we can't even know the Son and the Father to the fullness of what He is to be known. Do you know the Holy Spirit? Do you know Him as a friend? Do you know Him as a person...? Do you treat Holy Spirit as a person, or as a force? We are sooo blessed because Jesus left earth to go to heaven. If Jesus did not leave us, we would never have the Holy Spirit. Jesus could only be in one place at one time. Holy Spirit is with me at the same time as He is with you! He knows our hearts and our spirits more than we could ever know ourselves! He is with me. He is with you. We are connected through the Holy Spirit. And He is with the Father. He intercedes for us. He is our COUNSELLOR. Our help in time of need. He is a person. He can manifest Himself, His presence as a person and sometimes I can tell when He's standing on one side of me and when we walks into the middle of a group... but, funny... most often when I feel or see Him (with spiritual eyes) He doesn't go in the middle of a group... He tends to be alongside me... or joining in the circle... He really IS the helper, the one who comes alongside! 

I pray you get released into the adventure today... by Leaning into the Father's heartbeat... by joining in the obedience, the suffering and the joy of the Son... by coming to KNOW and fellowship with the person of the Holy Spirit... :) He is always with us, but He makes Himself known when you talk to Him and talk about Him. Just sayin' :)

Major love and blessings to you today. I pray you flow in the Father's Love and the leading of the Holy Spirit. May JESUS be glorified and lifted HIGH!  Email me with how you are :)

"Not to us, O Lord, not to us but to Your name give glory, for Your mercy and loving-kindness and for the sake of Your truth and faithfulness!" - Psalm 115:1 AMP

Serena xo
Adventurer and Lover of Jesus

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  1. [Romans 11:36] For from him and through him and for him are all things.
    To him be the glory forever! Amen.

    May the Lord Bless you.