Thursday, December 27, 2012

December '12 Update

Dearest Friends,

As our hearts are filled with joy and our homes with family (whether biological or spiritual) this season, I pray that you have most of all felt Loved and encountered by the One who started it all – the One who holds every living thing together…

I pray that, if you have children and you have felt joy over their excitement at opening gifts and having all the people that they love all together in one place, that you understand: that feeling you are having is just a small taste of the JOY that our Daddy God feels over us as He sees us opening gifts HE has given, and stepping into plans HE has planned for us!! He is the Father of Lights, EVERY good gift comes from HIM and in HIM there is no shadow of turning! He desires only good things for His children – although His children may not always agree with what is good for them ;) Just sayin’!

The Condition of our HEARTS
I want to share this with you… for as I have been travelling and transitioning and loving and being loved and also putting walls up so I won’t HAVE to explain all over again what I’m doing here (wherever here is that I happen to be) or, so I won’t HAVE to explain again what I’ve been doing “there” – wherever “there” has happened to be… (by the way the walls are not a good thing)… I have found that most of all, Daddy God is interested in shepherding my HEART. HE is interested in the condition of my HEART.

30th Oct 2012
“I woke up this morning lots of dreams and things that made sense. One sentence I saw/heard was “Que quiero ti”. I looked it up and it wouldn’t translate Portuguese – on either google translate or my apple translator. So I tried Spanish. On google translate it was: “I want you”
“I was struck. And in awe… You [the God that upholds the UNIVERSE!] want me…
Then on my mac translator: “That I love you”.
“Jesus… Daddy… Lord… YOU want me! That YOU love me!

Oh… THIS is what it’s all about…
I will get the answer to my question in just knowing that You love me.”
Now I had been dreaming and fasting and praying about decisions I needed to make, because I just had not been having peace with a certain thing I was scheduled to be doing and it was coming up soon. That morning, I was struck by the realisation that I didn’t have to worry about whether I was hearing the Lord right, about whether I was doing the right thing… I realised that all my worry and stressing and anxiety actually cut me off from hearing rightly. It is as our hearts are AT REST in our daughterhood or
sonship in HIM, that we will be free to hear Him rightly. We will be free to hear what HE wants… Once I had the freedom to rest [didn’t mean I stopped fasting. I just stopped fearing] – I heard from Him real easy and was able to make a big decision and talk to all the people involved with peace and surety in my heart :) He is concerned, friends, with our HEARTS :)

So, going to get rest in England, really turned out to be… such a great time of REST in England!! Honestly. I am blessed with the most amazing friends who are Jesus to me… I got to sleep, rest, sleep, talk through and process some things, sleep, eat, have pet therapy (the pets my friend had), sleep and rest :) I got to spend so much time with one of my God‐given British sisters! Thank you Daddy!

Somehow, This All Fits in Together

The Dream. The Vision. The Calling…

I don’t know if all my travelling around and being involved in different things has ever confused you. Well sometimes it confuses me. Just sayin’. Yet as this 1 year and 8 months has passed by and things have started to become clearer and make more sense, I have come to know for certain that I am called to:

• The Dirt – the poor, the 3rd world.
• The Western local Church.
• Releasing the Prophetic Sound to the Nations
• Adopting large sibling groups/older children. Or any child from any country with any kind of “special need” the Lord specifically leads me to. This could mean I'm having at least 15 children! Or maybe a few hundred. Depending where it is and what it looks like!
• Gazing into the eyes of Jesus and adoring Him. Ministering to Him. Intercession…
• Letting Daddy love me.
• Nations – nations – nations. So far HE has led me to 5 different continents and I have found love swell up in my heart for places and people in all those continents. How that works is only because of the love that JESUS puts there…

“Someone in this generation is gonna make a
Noise that’s gonna shape a Nation”

I was on the plane from Doha, Qatar to London Heathrow on the 6th December, when I decided to listen to some of Jake Hamilton’s latest for the first time… His songs “War Drums” and “New Song” totally caught my heart and helped me spill forth vision onto the pages of my journal.

“This is what it’s about. I believe that part of my call is to release a prophetic sound to the nations. I believe in the power of a SOUND. Just like David’s anointed harp playing cause peace to come to King Saul, so the anointed, heaven released SOUND that the Lord releases through me can shape nations. Can build up. Can tear down.
I believe I am called to release this:
through BEING in nations – physically releasing the sound along with the CHILDREN of the nations – those
who were abandoned but are now found :) adopted into HIS KINGDOM FAMILY

And also spiritually – through what He releases through me in the Global or All Nations Prayer rooms here
in Kansas City.”

So, the reason I am here in Kansas City – only GOD knows the full reason, but I do know that part of it is:

• to be trained up more in my gifts
• to have more of a theologically solid foundation and to have more time to reaalllly go DEEP into the Word!
• to be able to do all this and still be in a place where the nations converge and where they are sent out again back to the nations
• to possibly become involved in a volunteer capacity in the Orphan Justice Center – Rescue, Adopt, Restore ‐

I so appreciate all of your continued love and prayers, and financial support!
Please let me know of any prayer requests – I love to pray for you! And do let me know how you are going. He has made us for relationship. He has made us for family.

Serena xo
Adventurer and Lover of Jesus

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