Friday, February 1, 2013

Training for the Nations!

I don't think we EVER get over the training stage! Life with Jesus is a constant, never ending training and learning to go Low, to receive HIS love (this one, yet again, I've realised I need help in!), to love Him, to Trust Him, to obey His voice...

I'm here in Kansas City, Missouri having just moved house 2 weeks ago and getting ready to move house again in another two weeks!! Apparently this nomadic lifestyle just never ends either :) We ARE sojourners and foreigners on this earth - just passing through - so I guess this makes sense!

After obeying HIS voice and heart, to rest for 2 weeks in England, I arrive in KC on the 20th december and spent the next 4 weeks sharing a twin (single) bed with one of my best friends. Thank you Hannah for your generous heart and thank you Daddy for always providing! Moved into my current place ready to start school...

Once in a while I still have this thought of: wait. What am I doing here again? How is this to do with my call?? Then I have my first class. Our teacher starts talking about seeing Houses of Prayer raised up in every single nation. My KeysETT (Keys, Ear Training and Theory) teacher starts talking about teaching us how to teach so that we can go and teach children in dark, far away places how to play and sing to the Lord. I get to my audition for another class and the guy auditioning me says: "Imagine you're trying to lead a prayer meeting in some nation like Papua New Guinea and you have no electricity and you're the only instrument." and in my mind I'm like... oh! I did that already! in Mozambique...

Lord, send me. Here I am. Send me.

some Praise points:
Jesus is teaching me about TRUST. and LOVE - HIS Love :)
He is providing!!!
I'm getting connected with some of the Hispanic ministries community here - and it's stretching and growing and good!

some Prayer points:
the roommate HE wants me to have, in the place HE wants me to live :)
Oh that I would go deeper, and Love Him to my full capacity, and receive HIM to my full capacity
my studies :) :) TIME with Him in the secret place
continued health


Random fact: one of my classes is "Life of a Worshipper". or LOW. . .  It's all about going LOWER still :) :)

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