Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Visits with great groups of people

Our time in this country has been so great :) At times I kind of felt frustrated as because of safety concerns, some of our plans were changed. I am the kind of person who likes to have things organised and planned or at least know what we're doing. At least when there is a goal or purpose in mind. Other times I can be more of a spontaneous person... but anyway, I was finding it hard as things weren't as organised. But God had his own plans and connected us with amazing people. Each group or person we got to connect with has been so amazing and we are seeing the Lord do some great things through them.

We visited a school a train ride away from where we're staying, which was really great to see all these village kids getting to go to school and get an education. We got to play games with the kids and tell stories and see how the people in charge of it have these amazing plans for the land that it is built on. They have planted all kinds of fruit trees and want it to be really self sustainable, so they don't have to buy food from other places. The day after we visited the school, we got to visit this zoo where as I mentioned before, the monkeys escaped, we got up close and personal with aggro hyenas and I touched a leopard... ! But the highlight was definitely the kids on the train platform. They kept asking for money but after awhile realised we weren't going to give them any, and we just played with them and loved on them. When our train came a couple of the kids came back and pushed through the crowd to give us one hug goodbye.

Yesterday we were able to go with a friend of ours to visit a village a while out of the city. We were invited into one ofthe family's homes which was made of dirt just like outside the home, but everyone took their shoes off anyway as we stepped from the dirt outside to the dirt inside. It was swept so clean and reminded me of the dirt yards in Africa where they sweep their yards every day and it is so clean too. So we hung out a little with the family and then they took us outside to show us the shrine they had to pray to their gods. We then went over the road to where there was a few more houses and visited some more families. The highlight of that trip was just sitting on the edge of a pathway (made of dirt, which they will sit on but they will not sit on the dirt next to it) overlooking these fields with a nice breeze blowing over us all... I originally sat down next to this little old granny, who had a walking stick and was wearing a sari without a blouse - which means she is really one of the poorest of the poor. I wanted to take of my top and give it to her, but then I wouldn't have had anything much on... not good in a culture where they pretty much always wear sleeves! It was so good just loving on the people and talking with them a little through a friend who spoke english as well as the local language.

I had been thinking of visiting a particular organisation here in this city ever since I knew we were coming :) It is run by my cousin's sister-in-law and they rescue and shelter children from really vulnerable situations such as their parents wanting to poison them, abusive situations and children at risk of prostitution. So today we got to visit the home and just really get to hear what they do, pray with them and play with the kids. This was such a great time for me personally as my church ran a trip to this home last year, and I had wanted to come but the Lord didn't say to. I didn't know that it was in His plans anyway for me to visit now instead. So if God is saying to wait or you don't feel him saying to go when you think you want to, just wait on him - he has the perfect plan! The kids in this home in the words of another team member, are just "all so incredibly cute"! It's hard to think that they have come from such challenging backgrounds as they are all so happy and free... They love the Lord and they have great people looking after them. You just know that they are going to be able to step into whatever dreams and futures God has for them. I had really been feeling that this visit would bless us and also bless them and it seems like that is what has happened. So I am just really happy that we got to visit!!

Tonight we have dinner with our hosts - it is our last night here :) I am so thankful to God for how he has just blessed us so far in the connections we have made and the people who are now in our hearts... We did not end up getting a guitar but it is okay, we can still worship God without a guitar!

Thank you so much for all your prayers. Please continue to pray for refreshing, wisdom, clarity and the best use of our time, provision, unity, strength, JOY and LOVE! that we each of us in the team would continue to walk in intimacy every day with Jesus.

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