Friday, March 25, 2011

Why Asia Trip

Just to clarify more of the purpose of this Asia trip.
My reason: while in Mozambique, God gave me confirmation after word after confirmation that I was to go to south America with Jesse and Tanya in sept 2011. As a last confirmation before I said yes definitely, I texted Katie my friend and leader at church, asking her for a word or picture from God for me. I didnt say what it was about, only that it was not about a guy! So I got a text back from her (which was a small miracle in itself, as most of my texts weren't going through and most that people tried to send me weren't coming through either!) at 6.30am the next morning. The scripture she got for me made absolutely no sense to her, but made perfect sense to me! Then about 1/2 hour later, Tanya came to my house looking for me to say they were having a south America meeting (which I didn't even know was planned. It was the first of many). At the end if that first meeting, we were looking at the map of the world and Tanya mentioned they were going to Nepal as well in April. She was like 'hey why don't you come to Nepal with us too?' my first response was no as my church conference is in April and I had been every year since 2004. It was an event I always made priority for, even cutting short family holidays to Malaysia for. Once I actually let God bring it up to me again it took me two days of crying and letting go... Even now I am still thinking of conference and kinda wanting to be there, but I KNOW that God wants me here am I am right smack bang in the middle of his will. So then God would give me names of more countries in Asia, and every time I would get another country, I would find out from an email from Tanya or from Jesse on skype that they had added that country to the trip. We had not talked about the country, God would just tell me and then Jesse and Tanya would add it!

Jesse and Tanya's reason:
One of their reasons is that at then end of the central/south America trip, they will be moving to Micronesia with another family to start a boat ministry to all the different islands and also start another mission school, both for micronesians and for international students. This will be more aimed at people who have a heart specifically for unreached people groups and will have more practical content such as surviving in the bush on almost nothing. This will be an Iris mission school and Heidi will be involved. This Asia trip is also to meet contacts and find out where the needs are, so that when students come to the school in Micronesia and they have a specific country on their heart, they can be sent out to a specific country and the need in that country as well as contacts will be known.

There is 7% left on this battery now, so that's all for now but feel free to email me for more info! serenaxh (take the space out)

Pease continue praying:
For health
Unity in the team, and that when Kelly and Kelly come from the states to join us, we will all fit in seamlessly together :) pray for their preparation as well
Provision. For each of us in the team
Intimacy- most important! Wth Jesus.
That we would continue to just make the choice to worship. Make the choice to lean in to Daddy's heart. Make the choice to love. To let God in to the deepest parts of our heart. To make time for Him and guard our intimacy and guard our hearts from offense and anything of the enemy that may try to take root.
There is a different spiritual atmosphere over katmandu and although it is very beautiful and perfect weather, me and others in the team have felt quite drained and there is definitely weird stuff going on here
Pray for the family we are staying with and the childrens home that they have :) the kids are gorgeous and God is doing such a great work here. Our hosts are the most beautiful family and we get to stay in their home... It feels such a relief after staying in hotels and apartments so long. Their natural kids here in the house are also lots of fun :) we get to eat beans and rice!!!! You may think I'm weird, but I love it :)
Divine connections and that we would be continuously conscious of the open heaven we walk in, of Gods presence, of our authority and His burning love for every person we meet

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