Friday, September 9, 2011

Latest Update from Jesse

In a few hours from now we embark on the latest World Missions Quest the Lord has assigned for us. Together with an Iris Ministries team of 25 men and women we are heading south to cross over the border into Mexico. We have our caravan of Suv's pulling tent trailors and small motor homes loaded and ready to roll out. We will be in about every country through all Latin America and the Carribean over the next year to year and a half. Many will not return but are going waiting for the Lord to reveal where He wants them stay permanently on the Mission field in South America. Our team is made up of young and older men and women from all over the world incuding; Australia, America, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Mexico, South America and South Africa. We All met in Mozambique Africa over the past years and experienced the outpouring of revival and miracles poured out in one of the very poorest countries of the world. It was there God captivated our hearts for His presence, the poor and forgotten, and revival for the nations. Now we set out carrying this glory into the darkest, most remote and unreached places of Latin America. We plan to trek deep into into the jungles and mountains, up the channels of the amazon to the river tribes, the Andies, and wherever God leads us where there are lost and broken people in need of His love. We do not feel qualified, comfortable or that we know what we are doing, but each one of us beleives that He is leading us, is with us, and will bring amazing transformation in our lives and in these nations as we step out in faith with we He told us. We desire daily to follow the Holy Spirit's direction, to flow as a family in the spirit daily worshipping in His presence, hearing from Him and making decisions together. Everywhere we go will be partnering with local pastors and churches to bless and encourage and reach out in their countries to those who still dont know Him. Please Pray for us... Many tell us we are crazy and the spirits of intimidation consistently move against us through voices reminding us of the impending danger and foolishness of our faith. AND WE WILL NOT SHRINK BACK BECAUSE HE WHO IS IN US IS GREATER THAN HE THAT IS IN THE WORLD! We are thrilled at the privilege of partnering with our Love and Life-Jesus Christ to see His Kingdom come and the enemies works obliterated. Come Lord!

Here we go again, leaping off the edge of this cliff not knowing where it will end, but in your arms again. I didnt know I had these wings until i jumped to what could have been my end but now I soar to higher hights then I have ever been.

Overwhelmed and undone by the amazing Almighty One. This thrilling Life ride leaves me utterly dependent on the faithfulness of Father who blesses me with all I dont deserve and surpasses all my hopes with His radical love unfolding my destiny to be more than I ever dreamed 

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