Friday, September 23, 2011

Take off for Mexico - 9 Days!

Dear friends!

Just a quick update on the past week or so, and whats coming up:

Graduated from Track 1 of the Fire in the Night Internship last night - Bonfire - last 2 hours of prayer room (4-6am), breakfast (or late supper?!) at the International House of PANCAKES (although I ate no pancakes) and in 6 hours time I will be leaving on a roadtrip to Texas, where I will spend a week with friends, doing last minute prep for Latin America... I will now be joining the team on October 2nd in Mexico City, Mexico.

My flight is booked, yellow fever and Hep A shots taken, God has been so awesome in providing! It's cool because I don't have to beg Him to provide - it's His idea so I know that He will! But He does like us to be honest with Him when our faith is being stretched. Whether it's that something in our life has gone wrong that we don't understand - a tragedy or job related stress, or relationships that are not going the way we like them too - our GOD wants us to be honest with Him. We can get mad at him and let it out the way that we are feeling. (I'm feeling right now that my english sentence structure isn't happening quite right! Sorry, its way past my bedtime). He wants us to share with Him and be HONEST about how we feel. The important part after that however is that we then choose to let Him in to speak truth into our hearts. Let Him speak. Praise Him. Worship Him. Get HIS perspective. But ultimately He IS our Daddy. Our Abba. He said to be like a child. So be like a child. Let it all out in the safety of His ears and His heart. Then let Him set it straight and be your comfort (Holy Spirit is our comforter...) that way you're not verbally and emotionally vomiting on a person who was never made to be able to handle and help you like our God is.

I don't know where that came from, I guess hopefully it helped someone! Anyway, so God is awesome and has been working out so many details about this preparation for Latin America!

Conference in Illinois - PROVISION!
This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to an Iris Conference in St Charles, Illinois. God so completely provided for me to go. The people who run the conference sent me a scholarship to go for free, then I found cheap bus tickets of $15 one way when all the other tickets at other times and days were $65. Then all these people started donating muesli bars (granola bars) and other snacks so I wouldn't starve during it... THEN, I went in faith not having anywhere to stay. As I got to Chicago I called a friend who I knew was at the conference too (but thought she was there with her husband). She proceeded to tell me excitedly that she was so glad I was coming alone, as she was there without her husband (he couldn't get time off work) and was in a room all by herself! So I had a place to stay. THEN, turns out she was family friends with the people who run the campsite/conference center and they proceeded to tell me that I had to eat my meals with them :) Jesus LOVES me and LOVES to provide!! Where it is HIS way and we step out in faith, He PROVIDES!

Now the rest of my Latin American team had previously met up at Bethel Church in Redding, California for a revival service where Heidi Baker prayed over and commissioned them. I had it on my heart to possibly ask Mama Heidi to pray over me too during this conference... At the end of the last session on the last night, God provided the opportunity for me to sneak out the back door with Heidi where she hugged me and commissioned me to GO and be a laid down lover to the poor and unreached in Latin America. Holy Spirit crashed down with LOVE and JOY and I had some concrete time (not dirt, this time) on the ground in the rain... JESUS is worth it ALL and when He opens our hearts to see how dark we are or feel... He responds by saying that we are lovely, to Him. He told me that my name is Beloved... He told a friend that my name is "Lovely One"... What is His name for you?

Thank you so so much to those who have given!! May you be BLESSED overabundantly and I am praying for you each by name, that God would provide ALL your needs through His riches in glory by Christ Jesus!

Please PRAY:

There is a certain amount that still needs to come in by the end of next week. Pray for this provision and that if the Lord wills, people would commit to giving monthly over the course of this next 11 months. Otherwise, pray for the grace to live by FAITH!

Pray for grace and strength, travel protection, health

Pray for the right connections in Texas and that the Lord would do all that He wants in and through me... I was originally meant to be heading to Nashville, Tennessee not Texas, but the Lord spoke to my heart in the prayer room last week saying He didn't want me in Nashville, He wanted me to get to Mexico via TEXAS!! I am stepping out in faith knowing that He guides me rightly. I am HIS sheep and I hear HIS voice

Blessings and more of JESUS for you today!!

Lots of Love,

Serena xoxoxo

P.S. Anyone live around the Houston, Texas area or even on the way from Kansas City, MO to Houston and have either a: small one or two person TENT, a small, light SLEEPING BAG or a SLEEPING MAT that they would like to donate - please let me know!
If you feel led to support me financially in what the Lord is doing in Latin America, you can donate with a credit/debit card via paypal. Just go to , click on "Personal", "Send Money Online", and fill out your details. My email registered with paypal is serena  ("serena" and "xh" are one word).

Email for bank details

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