Thursday, September 8, 2011


“I love you.”
“Because you are MINE.”

I am His. I am His daughter… When a Mom or a Dad loves their kid, even when a kid knows exactly what is right and wrong and still chooses the wrong thing… the parent does not leave and does not forsake them. Would you as a parent, throw your teenage daughter out on the street because she chose to do the wrong thing? She chose to do something which showed that she cared more about that than how much she loved you… Would you not still trade the world to have her back… would you not still hold out your arms and do anything to keep her safe and secure… Would you not wipe the tears from her eyes, rock her to a peaceful sleep and sing “It’s all gonna be okay…” This is my God’s love for me. I belong to Him. This is my God’s love for YOU. We belong to Him. He loves us with an unfailing love. Yes there are undoubtably consequences to our choices. God is Holy, perfect, awesome and to be revered. There will be judgement. This is not permission to just swing back and forth and sin yet call yourself a Christian. God is GOD. But God is also Daddy. Papa. Abba Pai. Do not ever, ever, EVER let the enemy use condemnation to keep you from His love. satan uses condemnation. The Holy Spirit uses conviction. You know the truth. Live by the truth. Choose the truth. But if you slip and fall… Come back to His open arms. Be sorry, say sorry, ask for forgiveness, and know that He LOVES you. Like a Daddy with His little girl. Or little boy…

Get yourself around family. The family into which we were adopted was given to us for a reason. The Lord sets the lonely into families… We are not here to show off each other’s dirt. We are here to wash it off. Ask God for someone who you can trust completely, and you can talk to. If you are struggling with something that keeps coming back, find a friend who can STAND with you – you need to stand too – and pray, and love, and keep you accountable.

There is faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of these is LOVE.

LOVE overcomes everything. LOVE causes the Creator of everything which ever existed or will exist, to come down, live as a man within the limitations of a man and then undergo extreme betrayal, torture and finally death, just so He could have us back again. LOVE causes the blind to see, hearts to heal, the deaf to hear, the lame to walk, the dead to rise. LOVE brings hope to the hopeless, restoration to relationships, the renewing of our minds where we could not hope for that ourselves. LOVE means giving a kid a drink. Sharing a meal with the poor in their mud hut… which THEY sacrificed for and made for you. LOVE causes a father to dive in a crocodile infested river to search for food for his kids, and causes a kid to fetch water from that river so his family won’t die. LOVE sets the lonely in families. I could go on…

LOVE. looks like something.

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